soundproof door
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How to Soundproof a Door

The first noise you hear when someone enters your home is usually from the door slamming behind them. That is the alarm that someone is home, but what if that frightening noise never happened. What if there was silence that was followed by silence? Keep reading to learn how you can soundproof a door in […]

soundproof car
Soundproofing Tips

Soundproof Your Car Easily

Everyone dreams of living in a quiet neighborhood without any noise disturbances, but that isn’t always the case. Whether it’s the barking dogs from next door or the cars driving by at all times of the day, no one lives in a truly quiet neighborhood. One issue I experience in particular is my neighbors’s extremely […]

stc rating
Soundproofing Tips

What does it mean to Soundproof Something?

When you think to “soundproof” a wall or floor, it is difficult to quantify. Unlike light, which is generally blocked or not blocked, sound is a gray area. Certain walls block “more” sound than others, but no wall is completely soundproof. Sound is measured in decibels (dBs) while soundproofing is measured in STC, or Sound […]

soundproof a laundry room
Soundproofing Tips

Making a Laundry Room Quiet!

Although laundry rooms may not necessarily be too loud, the constant noise that they make combined with the consistent noise pattern is something that can get pretty annoying. When the dryer kicks on or the washer buzzes due to a finished load, it can be irritating if it disrupts you in your living room or […]

Soundproofing Tips

Noisiest Cities in the US

The United States is home to over 350 million people and when you look at a map of it, like the one below, you begin to notice the significance of human presence. This map, however, taken from shows a detailed depiction of the noisiest neighborhoods in the US. If you want to take a […]

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Quietest Places in the World

Whether it is a small town or big town, a forest or a suburb, the quietest places to live is a wonder sought by many people. The places that follow will be places that you have never heard of, and that is guaranteed. Even though the human race is over eight billion strong and finding […]