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Soundproofing Curtain Facts

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Sound Transmission Class (STC) and decibel (dB) values of AcousticCurtain

The AcousticCurtain™ has an STC value of 21. That means it’s equivalent to effectively adding another wall between you and the noise source that you want out! Most windows have an STC rating between 20 and 30, while double-pane windows can reach upward of 34.

Every 10 dB is equivalent to doubling the level of sound that you hear. For instance, a 80 dB rock concert is twice as loud as an 70dB speaker system. The 21-25 dB-blocking AcousticCurtain is equivalent to halving the volume 2 times, or approximately 87.5% of outside noise.

The 1% rule states that for a 1% opening in the surface, 50% of the sound will get through. That is why the AcousticCurtain holds snugly against the wall, to ensure that no sound sneaks around the edges, and that all sound must pass through the thick, sound-blocking core.

It’s been shown that flexible materials increase the Transmission Loss of blocking materials, since the sound will not travel through the material as easily. The AcousticCurtain™ was designed to allow flexible movement to minimize this reverberation. Instead of rattling like the skin of a drum, the curtain slowly absorbs the motion and dampens it.

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The Majority of Bedroom and Office Noises is Through the Entrances

The majority of noise coming in to most bedrooms and offices is through 2 entrances – the door and the window. The AcousticCurtain, AcoustiTrac and AcoustiDoor™ are designed to remove the transmission from these sources.

Loud echoes in your room are typically caused by an abundance of exposed, hard surfaces with orthogonal walls. This may be fixed by adding some sound-absorbing accents, such as carpets, plush furniture, and drapery. The AcousticCurtain is designed to also reduce echoing in the home, in addition to keeping external noises out in the first place!

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