Tips to Soundproofing Your Car!

We always think of living in a space where the noise from the dog next door won’t bother you or how the rumbling from the street will not disturb your sleep, but we never really think about how you can sound proof the very thing that takes you on your day-to-day tasks: your car. Often-times car or street noise will disrupt your sleeping patterns within your apartment.

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Car Soundproofing Methods

When you’re driving down the street you will always hear the person that feels the need to rev his bike past the legal rpms, or those people that have the bass turned way too high for human ears, or even the construction at dead stops in traffic. Is there any way to change this?

There are actually many ways to make your vehicle as sound proof as you would like it, given that it isn’t a motorcycle of course.

Popular up north in colder climates, damping mats actually help a lot more than you would expect when it comes to soundproofing. They are typically made of industrial strength rubber or asphaltic panes and are easily installed into your car since they are usually backed with adhesives. These mats limit the vibration of sound causing your car to become less likely to transfer sound from within it.

You will be surprised by how much noise actually comes from the movement of your car. The faster you go, the more noise you will hear from the road and in this case, what you can focus on are the gaps in the engine space as well as the doors and windows from within your car. These can be sealed using foam spray. Since the foam expands as you spray it, you have to keep in mind how much you use. Sealing gaps on the dashboard, gaps in the door, gaps in the floor (if you have them) is just one way that you can make your car a quieter ride from within. Keep in mind that the spray doesn’t make noticeable differences as far as the appearance of your car goes.

If you want to get real nitty gritty with soundproofing your car, then you should begin looking at the doors of your vehicle. The doors are the part of the car that covers most of the accessible areas for sound and considering that the space between the door and the door cover is usually hollow, more noise is likely to echo into the car itself. Adding pads of insulation to your car doors can really help with decreasing sound transfer and increasing silence. The more insulation, the more silence you will get but you have to be cautious to not touch any metal wiring and if there are uncovered metal wires, put electrical tape on them.


Another useful tip for truck and van drivers is to add sound proof vinyl strips to the metal wheel spaces from within your car. Seeing as the most noise come from these, especially during rainy seasons, you could benefit a great deal by giving the wheel spaces another layer to pass through. This, in turn, greatly decreases the vibration of sound waves and establishes a much more efficient barrier between you and the wheels.

Similar to our soundproof curtains, vinyl underlayments add mass to the underside of the car to minimize roadway noise from coming back up into your cabin.


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