traffic noise

How Traffic Noise Affects Your Sleep

If you live in the city, close to an intersection or highway, you are probably very familiar with the plethora of traffic noises that can interfere with your sleep and keep you up at night. Even if you have become acclimated to some of these sounds, chances are your sleep is still affected. Stressful Traffic […]

soundproof your laundry room

Soundproof Your Laundry Room

There are few sounds that can be as annoying, or disruptive, as a laundry room in an apartment or home. Whether it’s the clicking over from the wash cycle, the dryer rumbling  at low frequencies, or the finishing buzzer, laundry room noise can wake you from a sleep (or keep you from falling asleep) and even […]

soundproofing blankets

Using Soundproof Blankets to Reduce Noise

When renters and homeowners are looking for ways to soundproof traffic, road noise, or neighbors, they often turn to soundproof blankets. These are a temporary product to hang over doors and windows, blocking unwanted noise without requiring significant investment. But what are Soundproof Blankets? Do they actually soundproof the windows, or do they just absorb […]

soundproof windows

Soundproof Windows – How Effective Are They?

How Well Do Soundproof Windows Work? Soundproof windows are an expensive and sought after upgrade to any home. They provide several benefits: Low maintenance:  Letting in less dust, dirt and bugs than standard, more “old-school” windows. You won’t find yourself cleaning spiderwebs out of the windowsill every week. Energy efficient: Since they reduce the amount […]

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Sound Absorbing Panels For Your Office – How do they work?

Offices tend to be built with tile floors, plaster walls and plaster ceilings. These hard surfaces allow for sound from things like fax machines and printers to bounce around and echo which creates bothersome noise and distracts employees. By installing sound-absorbing wall panels, suspended sound-absorbing ceiling panels and static dissipative carpeting, noise is greatly reduced […]

What dorm room could look like with curtains before soundproofing curtains are installed

College Dorm Room Soundproofing Tricks and Tips

 HOW TO SOUNDPROOF DORM ROOMS AND COLLEGE RESIDENCES Those of us who have experienced a college dorm room, understand truly how much actually takes place in such a confined living space. A dorm room or sometimes campus apartments will have one or two common areas– rooms —where you’re spending time with friends, eating or just hanging […]


Reducing Train Noise

How to Soundproof Your House from Train Noise If you live anywhere near a set of train tracks, chances are you’re all too familiar with the screaming blare of a train’s whistle. Unless you plan on moving, soundproofing your house is the best option to reducing the noise.Blocking Train Horns & Whistle Noises It may […]