Decoratively Sound Proofing Your Apartment

Cost Effective Ways to Block Sound

When moving into a dorm, a new apartment, or a new house everything is as happy as can be. Only, when you have lived there for a few days you begin to notice that the neighbor’s dog is barking, the mockingbird is constantly exercising its vocal cords outside your window, the laundry room is singing its cleaning song, and there is constant noise from the cars on the street. What do you do?

If this is the case for you, then what you would want to do is to focus on ways to make your apartment as sound proof as possible while at the same time being as casual and decorative as possible.

Decorative Soundproofing Options

decorative soundproofing

You can start with the simplest of things like getting an AcousticCurtain. Starting at $99, these curtains are made to block outside noise without disrupting the simple comfort of your home. Not only can you choose any of 32 different colors, but they are an easy replacement for easy and ineffective curtains. Regular two-sided or one-sided curtains do not provide with any form of sun protection or noise cancellation but the AcousticCurtain is a thicker fabric engineered to fit windows with dimensions from 18 inches in height and width to 130 inches in height and width. This fabric simply attaches to the top of your window and then with a smile two-strap procedure, you can alter the length of the curtain.

Another measure you can begin to think about is to apply a LowBlokk Door Seal or LowBlokk Door Sweep. These simple attachments fit any door and are guaranteed to increase thermal performance and decrease noise transfer from any outside noises. Sound generally tends to leak in from the most awkward of places, so attaching a door seal or door sweep to the bottom of the door could help with making a more sound proof environment.

Door sweeps and door seals are not a major decorative objects, but they do work.

Decorative Acoustics do not Soundproof – But Can Reduce Echo

If you are into a more sound proof approach that keeps a decorative look, then try some decorative sound panels. If you are just renting an apartment or maybe living in a college dorm and just want some simple silence, then this is for you. You don’t have to drill into any walls in order to get these panels up and you won’t have to worry about costly wall repairs afterwards because these panels are screw free. The bigger the panel size, the bigger the absorption rating (measured in Sabins). These panels have been proven to hit NRC ratings of 1.05 depending on the thickness of the panels. Any of 2000+ stock images can be purchased on the market, but customizable panels are also in full swing and for a price of less than $100, it could definitely add to the look of your upcoming room.

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Decoratively Sound Proofing Your Apartment
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Decoratively Sound Proofing Your Apartment
Consider sound proof curtains to provide decorative soundproofing in your home. Use acoustic art panels to reduce reverberation.
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