Quietest Places in the World

Whether it is a small town or big town, a forest or a suburb, the quietest places to live is a wonder sought by many people. The places that follow will be places that you have never heard of, and that is guaranteed.

Even though the human race is over eight billion strong and finding a place without human influence seems impossible, the fact is that the entirety of the human population can be fit in the state of Alaska, with about half of the state to spare.

Have you ever been able to hear the sound of your own blood pumping through your ears? It is a phenomenon that can be experienced in a location called The Hot Valley, Washington. It has the least amount of roadways in the USA along with over 922,000 acres of pure wilderness. The only other noise that will enter your ears is the sound of the birds chirping and the animals moving around.

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A view from one of the only roads that lead into the Hot Valley.

Tak Be Ha Cenote; no it is not a spell or a curse of some kind, but rather a cave in Mexico renowned for its space that is devoid of almost all sound. Places like these are known to us as cenotes and can be reached at a depth of one mile or more. With no animals or birds to catch your hearing, the noise competing with absolute silence is that of running water from the cave walls.

Tak Be Ha Cenote with artificial lighting. There is no actual light in the cave.

Jumping across the world in the Negev Desert, Israel, you will find an environment almost completely absent of any life or noise whatsoever. You might think that the desert would be a little noisy considering the sandstorms and the constant roll of the sand, but venturing deep into the desert, people have actually been told that they can hear their ears ringing.

An overview of the Negev Desert Valley where a river once flowed many thousands of years ago.

Coming across the world again to the Kelso Dunes, California, there will be another desert that could very well exceed your expectations as far as silence goes. This part of the Mojave Desert is notorious for almost never seeing or hearing planes overhead and rarely does human activity exceed the almost dead-like silence unless it is in the form of a distant car.

The Mojave Desert in early morning getting its shed of first light.

The quietest place on earth takes us back to the place of human birth, Africa. More precisely, however, the location is the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, Botswana. It is not only famous for being one of the best star gazing places in the world, but guests more often than not consider it to be the quietest place that they have ever visited.

The border between the park and the desert

In these quietest spots on earth, you certainly don’t need to worry about soundproofing your windows, from noisy neighbors or from traffic jams! However, take a look at our soundproof curtains to see alternative soundproofing methods when you do come back to the city.