Making a Laundry Room Quiet!

Although laundry rooms may not necessarily be too loud, the constant noise that they make combined with the consistent noise pattern is something that can be a very annoying recurrence.

With various of things that you can do to try and make a quieter room, one is to add sound proofing material to the walls. Generally, the walls of laundry rooms aren’t designed specifically for the purpose of being soundproof, so adding a sound proof material either to the interior lining of the wall or on the outside of the wall would definitely dampen the sound.

Two of your options here are the OverWall Noise Blokker and the Wall Blokker.

The OverWall Noise Blokker is not only durable, but it is an extremely light weight product that can be put on the wall, primed, painted over and then magically the noise reduction is more than 75%.

Your other option as far as soundproofing the walls is the Wall Blokker. It is a highly engineered product designed to block unwanted noise and decouple drywall from the studs holding it to minimize structural sound. It is easily installed under the drywall, but this would be the lengthier process compared to simply putting an OverWall Noise Blokker on your wall and painting over it The Wall Blocker would be a more suitable fit for someone interested in home reconstruction.

In case soundproofing the walls seems like a far out choice with many implications, then another option would be to add a Floor Blokker. With an STC-rating of 50, the Floor Blokker is guaranteed to provide you with a quieter living space and like the OverWall Noise Blokker, it has a noise reduction percentage of 75 or greater. It easily installs underneath any current flooring that your laundry room may have and it is also a 3-in-1 barrier between sound, moisture, and air. Like its wall-blocking counterparts, the Floor Blokker is a 100% recycled material and at the end of its days it will, again, be recycled.

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