Reducing Train Noise

How to Soundproof Your House from Train Noise If you live anywhere near a set of train tracks, chances are you’re all too familiar with the screaming blare of a train’s whistle. Unless you plan on moving, soundproofing your house is the best option to reducing the noise.Blocking Train Horns & Whistle Noises It may […]

Busy & Loud Street, Outside Apartment - Block Sound Inside with Residential Acoustics Soundproofing Curtains

Effective Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof Curtains, Do They Work to Block Noises and Sounds? There is a lot of speculation on the web that curtains are not a viable solution to loud sounds, whether draped over leaky doors or windows and if they are an effective solution for blocking noises and sounds. Soundproof curtains and window coverings have come […]

Stylish Soundproof Curtain Blocks Outside Noises and Sounds

Soundproofing Curtains for Offices

The Problem: When offices are too noisy, it negatively affects the workplace in a variety of ways. It’s harder for employees to complete work on time, focus on the task at hand, and communicate with coworkers. This leads to lower productivity, efficiency, and employee moral. Whether sound is coming from neighboring businesses, nearby residential areas, […]