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Soundproofing Curtains

Eliminate Noise at Home With our Soundproofing Curtains

An easy and affordable sound-blocking solution

We’ve created the first and only product on the market that allows you to block unwanted noise while still allowing natural light and space in your home! Our AcousticCurtain™ and AcoustiDoor™ are ground-breaking solutions that will finally allow you to tune out the background noise and zone in on the things you love to do. Our product line can also act as a 100% effective light blackout curtain when rolled down, while significantly reducing heat loss through windows and doors. Our family of products are simple ways to solve your noise problems at a minimal expense, quickly, and without disrupting the comforts of your own home.

Whether you’re dealing with traffic noise outside your window or noisy neighbors next door, consider the use of soundproof curtains to reduce exterior noise and achieve the Sound of Silence.

Product Features

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What People Are Saying

Ralph E
Easier to sleep in on the weekends
Got my AcousticCurtain about a week ago, and I'm very pleased with how much sound it blocks. On the weekends my wife and I usually watch movies late (and then sleep in in the morning), which used to be difficult since we live on a busy road. This definitely saved us some heartache.
Ralph E shared on Trustpilot™
Ashley H
Pleasantly surprised 🙂
I had no idea that sound blocking curtains existed until I stumbled upon these on somebody's blog. I've definitely sleep better than I ever have before. A nice bonus is that the curtain blocks most light too! I was pleasantly surprised to find that out.
Ashley H shared on Facebook
Matt W
We love our AcoustiDoor!
This blocks about 3 times more noise than our regular door. We had a contractor come and quote as a solid-core door for about $500 plus installation. This was a quick, easy fix.
Matt W shared on Facebook

Soundproof My Home