soundproof basement
Soundproofing Tips

How to Create a Soundproof Basement

Basements are the perfect addition to anyone’s home and can be utilized in many ways. Some may use a basement as a storage space, tornado safe room, movie theater room, or just somewhere to get some peace and quiet. The great thing about basements is that since they are underground, it’s harder for sound to […]

how to soundproof a meditation room
Soundproofing Tips

How to Soundproof a Meditation Room at Home

Meditation is a stress reducing, relaxation method that is practiced by 200 to 500 million people around the world. While some may meditate by religious means, others practice meditation solely for its benefits. It can be helpful for those with anxiety or can be a nice way to disconnect from the world. It is also […]

room soundproofing for new parents
Soundproofing Tips

Room Soundproofing for New Parents

New parents are overcome with a lot of stress and responsibility by not only taking care of their newborn, but by doing research on the best decisions to make for their child. There are many important decisions that new parents typically make together, such as when to stop feeding their baby formula, the best forms […]

office soundproofing at home
Soundproofing Tips

Office Soundproofing 101: Content Creation

After the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rise in the usage of home offices and remote work. A countless number of individuals build offices at home specifically for the purpose of content creation. It is important that your office space sparks creativity and productivity. Many individuals take pride in decorating their home office and […]