Room Soundproofing for New Parents

room soundproofing for new parents

New parents are overcome with a lot of stress and responsibility by not only taking care of their newborn, but by doing research on the best decisions to make for their child. There are many important decisions that new parents typically make together, such as when to stop feeding their baby formula, the best forms of enrichment, how to encourage tummy time, etc. Another important topic that parents may spend much time thinking on is sleeping habits for their baby. Should the baby sleep in their nursery or in a crib placed in the parents’ room? Should the baby wear a sleep sack at night? What time should the baby be put to bed? Although these common questions are very important to reflect on, it makes parents forget about other unique decisions such as soundproofing.

A Guide to Room Soundproofing for New Parents

Soundproofing a room can be very beneficial for ensuring that your newborn gets a good night’s sleep. It is also important for your baby to get plenty of rest for better health and brain development. It’s crucial to become familiar with the ways that noise can leak through and to find soundproofing methods that are best fit for you. Doing so will raise the chances of having time to rest and relax (which is something that new parents don’t typically experience). These methods are perfect for soundproofing any room, whether that is the baby’s nursery or an activity room. Our tips and tricks will hopefully help new parents regain some sanity back.

Purchase Soundproof Curtains to Block Outside Noise

Soundproof curtains are an easy and inexpensive way to block outside noise from entering a room. The installation process is an easy task as well. These curtains will absorb noise and loud distractions, which will allow your baby to sleep better. There are several soundproof curtain options on Amazon if you are on a budget, or there is the AcousticCurtain which works as both a soundproofing and light-blocking method. Although this option may be slightly more expensive than certain options on Amazon, it is a fully customizable and hand crafted product.

room soundproofing for new parents
Using soundproof curtains will block outside noise and light from entering your baby’s nursery.

Use Acoustic Art Panels as a Soundproof Decoration

Acoustic art panels can be a great option for those looking for a product that has soundproofing benefits with an aesthetic appeal. This soundproofing product can also be used as a decoration to elevate the appearance of your baby’s nursery. These panels are usually placed on walls and work well for sound absorption by preventing sound waves from traveling across a room. Our acoustic art panels are made on a thick fabric and you have the option to select any design of your choosing. You could use a family photo or even an image that matches the theme of your baby’s nursery.

Sound Machines as a Method to Soundproofing and Calming Babies

Filling a room with ambient noise will make it harder for outside noise to be heard. Sound machines, also known as white noise machines, are a great way to cover louder noises that may be distracting. These sound machines can even work as a method to help your baby fall asleep by playing nature sounds or lullabies. Take a look at one of our past blog posts to learn more about the ways that sound can affect your newborns’ sleep.

Invest in Carpeting to Reduce Echo

Replacing a hardwood floor with carpeting may be a good option for those who want to reduce echo in their baby’s nursery or the room in which their baby’s crib is located. Hardwood floors reflect sound and raise the chance of echoes filling a room, so investing in carpeting can be very beneficial. If you don’t want to worry about replacing the current flooring in the room, you can purchase several rugs to place on the floor which will still work as a soundproofing method.

Room Soundproofing for New Parents in a Nutshell

No matter how many soundproofing methods you choose to use, any step towards blocking noise will be beneficial for you and your baby’s happiness. The beautiful thing about soundproofing is that there is an abundance of options, so it is easy to stay within a certain budget. In conclusion, you must consider the following options when soundproofing a room to increase the chances of good rest for your baby:

  • Purchase soundproof curtains to block loud disruptions and noises
  • Use acoustic art panels to soundproof and decorate a baby’s nursery
  • Buy a sound machine to fill a room with ambient noise
  • Invest in carpeting to reduce echo