How to Soundproof an Apartment for College Students

how to soundproof an apartment

Congratulations! You have finally upgraded from a dorm style room to a spacious apartment. I hope the space you have selected is the perfect one for you. Although moving into a college apartment is an exciting step to take, there is no doubt that these spaces can become noisy. Whether your neighbors are having a rambunctious party or you need a study proof room, it is important to make soundproofing decisions that will benefit you and your environment. You may have read our past blog post on how to soundproof a dorm room which provides several solutions to blocking out noise. Though, soundproofing a college apartment is a bit more tactical due to a much larger space.

As a college student myself, it is incredibly easy for noise to transfer through my apartment walls. I have had restless nights due to next door neighbors and their noise levels. It can also be difficult to complete assignments and study for important exams when noise leaks are prevalent. Living in a college apartment has shown me the numerous ways that noise can travel, as it can come through windows, doors, walls, etc. Luckily, I discovered the wonders of soundproofing and I am now much more content in my living space. This article provides my greatest suggestions for college students that want to learn how to soundproof an apartment.

Soundproofing your College Apartment

Understanding the ways that noise can fill your space will have a positive impact on your soundproofing methods. An STC rating is one way to understand how effective certain materials and barriers are when it comes to blocking noise. Most apartments have an STC rating of 45 or 50, which is about average for blocking noise. A rating of 65 or higher means that noise is reduced extremely well, but this is nearly impossible to find when it comes to apartments. Therefore, you need to decide on which solutions you would like to take towards soundproofing your college apartment.

How to Find Sound Leaks When Soundproofing an Apartment

In the beginning of this article, I mentioned how sound can leak through doors, windows, and walls. When it comes to inspecting your front door, there are some easy ways to figure out if sound strongly travels through. One way to do so would be to make an inference based on how much you can hear through your door. Can you easily hear other apartment doors slamming or people walking in the hallway? You can also knock on your front door to see how deep the noise is and the way it fills the room. The next step is to inspect your windows and checking edges where air may be flowing through. You can also see and feel how thin the window glass is. Lastly, look at the ways the walls in your apartment are connected and search for gaps within them. After you complete the following steps, you can determine how to soundproof noise leaks.

how to soundproof an apartment
Noise leaks can have an impact on your ability to focus if you do not soundproof them properly.

Soundproof the Front Door of Your College Apartment to Block Noise

The front door of your college apartment can source a great deal of noise within your space. Consider investing in the AcoustiDoor which is a product that works as a soundproofing blanket. It is a retractable panel that can hang above your door frame when it is not being put to use. Another option can be purchasing a door sweep, which is perfect for covering a gap at the bottom of the door. Note that you should pick an option such as a peel and stick or else you may be disobeying certain rules within your lease agreement.

Use Soundproof Curtains on Apartment Windows to Keep Noise Out

Many noises from the street such as honking or dogs barking can easily travel through windows. Purchasing a soundproof curtain can effectively block street noise and also works as a light blocking material. This can be a stylish touch to your college apartment with several fabric options, ranging from neutral to colorful choices.

Artistic Panels as a Way to Block Noise Traveling Through Walls

If you’re looking for a product that absorbs sound and can be used as a decoration, look no further. An Acoustic Art Panel is a customizable and handmade soundproofing panel that can be mounted on any wall in your college apartment. This can help fill up blank space on your walls while effectively absorbing any noise that may travel through. This type of product can be purchased through a site such as Commercial Acoustics or if you are a big fan of DIY projects, you can make your own. For any crafty individuals out there, take a look at the video below to consider creating your own acoustic art panel.

Conclusion – How to Soundproof an Apartment for College Students

I hope this article was helpful in finding ways to soundproof your college apartment. Living in this type of environment can be exciting, yet difficult at times when you want to focus or sleep peacefully. For any fellow college students out there, I hope my personal experience resonates with you and that you figure out which soundproofing solutions are most beneficial for you! Below are the main takeaways from this article.

  • Use a soundproofing blanket or door sweep to cover noise leaks
  • Use a soundproofing curtain to block noise from windows
  • Use an acoustic art panel as a creative touch to absorb noise traveling through walls