Office Soundproofing 101: Content Creation

office soundproofing at home

After the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rise in the usage of home offices and remote work. A countless number of individuals build offices at home specifically for the purpose of content creation. It is important that your office space sparks creativity and productivity. Many individuals take pride in decorating their home office and making it their own, but often forget the importance of finding ways to block out noise. This article will highlight steps you can take to guarantee that your content creation office will be soundproof and block any distractions.

Personally, I have struggled with finding ways to effectively make my home office soundproof. My office is where I come up with any content creation ideas and ways to work towards them. Therefore, I need to work in a space that triggers creativity and allows me to focus. Through working at Residential Acoustics and researching other sources, I have come up with several ways to soundproof an office at home.

Steps to Soundproofing your Home Office for Content Creation

1. Choose the Best Room to Block Noise

It’s important to focus on choosing the best room in your house that tends to be further from outside noise. For example, a room with less windows is a good place to start. This allows for less noise leaks and gaps through your windows. You also want to choose a room that has the most potential to block noise from a busy street. If your home office is in a room that doesn’t have these qualities, it may have an impact on your content creation. Noises such as honking or dogs barking outside can affect your audio quality when recording videos for content.

2. Soundproof your Door to Reduce Outside Noise

The type of door connected to your home office can have an effect on the amount of noise that can come through. If possible, you would want your office to have a solid-core door. It is more effective when blocking noise due to the use of synthetic wood, which is a heavier material. If you would rather not go through the process of replacing your door, you can use the AcoustiDoor as a soundproofing solution. This is a handcrafted, retractable panel that covers a door frame and blocks outside noise. This product is especially useful for those who do not live alone as voices outside a room tend to carry through the walls. By using the AcoustiDoor, outside noise will be blocked better and you can brainstorm your content creation ideas in peace.

office soundproofing at home
The AcoustiDoor appears on the right side of the image and it is utilized as an effective way to soundproof noise by blocking the door frame.

3. Use Soundproof Curtains on Windows for a Quieter Space

As I stated earlier, a room that doesn’t have too many windows will be beneficial when it comes to soundproofing. Though, it may be impossible for your office to be in a room without any windows at all. Using a curtain that is made specifically for soundproofing on a window will block any loud distractions from invading your office. The AcousticCurtain is a beneficial and affordable solution to reach this goal. By using a product as such, you don’t have to worry about noisy neighbors affecting your audio whether you are recording a TikTok video or a podcast episode.

4. Use a White Noise Machine to Tune Out Distractions

A white noise machine works to cover outside noises that can be distracting. It creates an environment that stimulates focus and provides more opportunity to complete tasks. These machines range in prices based on the quality of the product, but it is definitely possible to find one that is affordable if you are on a budget.

5. Hang Art Pieces Or Acoustic Panels on Walls to Prevent Echo

The more empty and bare your walls are, the easier it is for sound to travel through. Hanging up art pieces and canvases can be a decorative touch to your office as well as being a method for soundproofing. You can also hang acoustic panels on your walls to prevent echoing. Better yet, you can purchase an acoustic art panel which is an aesthetic 2-in-1 product. The video below shows the installation process of an acoustic panel and its benefits.

6. Purchase a Rug to Elevate and Soundproof your Office

You may think that a rug is only for the purpose of decoration and comfort when in reality it can work as another soundproofing solution. Shockingly, rugs can absorb sound waves. The more rugs you have on your floor, the quieter your office will be. If you have an office floor with carpeting, it’s the same idea. Regardless of which path you decide to take, it is important that the floor of your content creation office is not bare as that will cause more echo and ruin audio quality.

Conclusion – Office Soundproofing 101: Content Creation

Investing in certain products or discovering creative ways to soundproof your office space will make your environment more pleasant and soothing. By taking these steps to soundproof your home office, you can achieve higher levels of productivity and focus. I hope this article is helpful for you content creators out there and gets those creative juices flowing!