How to Soundproof a Play Room

how to soundproof a room

There’s many different kinds of rooms that you can find in one’s household. Other than the typical living room and bedroom, some individuals have extra rooms for different needs. Some may have a nursery room for their newborn, a movie theather room, a man cave, or even a play room. You usually find a play room inside a family’s home, filled with an abundance of toys, games, and entertainment. Play rooms are perfect for a child’s enrichment and for when you want them to learn how to entertain themselves. It may be a good idea to consider soundproofing a play room, whether it’s to prevent noise from leaving the play room (some children are very loud) or to muffle noises that may enter the play room (your child can focus better on enrichment time). No matter what the reason is, our guide provides helpful tips and tricks to soundproofing a play room.

Tips and Tricks for Soundproofing a Play Room

Use a Soundproof Door Cover to Block Noise

A soundproof door cover can easily be installed within the play room at a price that is cost-effective. Its made of a dense and flexible core that blocks up to 80% of sound. The door cover deflects sound waves as well, furthermore creating a quieter play room for your little one. This is one of the easiest steps you can take towards soundproofing a play room with noticeable benefits.

Install Door Sweeps and Seals to Cover Noise Leaks

Another simple way to soundproof on a budget would be to seal any gaps around the play room’s door. Small cracks around a door makes it easy for sound to travel in and out of the space. You can seal these gaps by using a door sweep or seal. This product is typically placed around the door’s frame and will make a difference in the amount of sound that enters the play room.

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Hang Soundproof Curtains Over Windows to Prevent Noise Transfer

There’s probably a few windows within your play room. Why purchase normal curtains when you can use soundproof ones? The AcousticCurtain is a soundproof curtain with light-blocking and thermal properties as well. This product can be very beneficial for your child’s play room if they become easily distracted by outside noises or movement. Neighbors passing by or even a loud dog can cause your child to lose focus on whatever activity they are partaking in. This soundproof curtain will effectively block any sound that tries to enter the space.

how to soundproof a room
Soundproof curtains work as a 2-in-1 product with both light-blocking and sound-blocking benefits.

Utilize Wall Panels as a Way to Stop Noise From Traveling

Many parents like to decorate their child’s play room with lively and engaging colors, toys, and decorations. Some play rooms are themed as well, like safari or princess themed. If decorating a play room is important to you, purchasing acoustic art panels that works as both a soundproof and decorative solution may be the perfect investment for you. These are wall-mounted panels with high-end absorption abilities, improving speech intelligibility. It’s a customizable product as well, so if you have a design or image preference, it can be created for you. Installing wall panels will work as a way to stop noise from traveling in and out of the play room, which is a great way to give your child a better opportunity to focus on enrichment.

Place Rugs Around the Play Room for An Echo-Free Space

Echo is one of the most annoying ways for sound to fill a room. This is usually caused by sound bouncing off of hard and reflective surfaces. If the floor within your play room is tile or wood, that makes it extremely easy for sound waves to travel within the space. Placing plush rugs around a play room will absorb any sound that may bounce off the hard floor surface. This soundproofing method is affordable and simple, while also elevating the appearance of a play room.

How to Soundproof a Play Room – Conclusion

We hope that this guide is helpful in making the best soundproofing decisions for your child’s play room. With an abundance of options, some cost-effective and some investment worthy, any measure of soundproofing is a great decision. This will further help your child focus on play time, and even allow you to have moments of peace and quiet.