Soundproof Insulation 101: For Anxious Pets At Home

soundproof insulation

Nothing is better than having a companion to live with, especially a furry friend. They bring energy, comfort, fun, and happiness to any household. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or even a rabbit, there’s no doubt that this animal has become your best friend. You may even have an anxious pet that gets scared of loud noises or hates being alone. Our pets provide us with comfort and love; it’s only fair that we do the same for them. Soundproofing your home can be a great way to make your pet feel more comfortable and less anxious. This article serves as a guide to the best soundproof insulation decisions to make for your anxious pet at home.

Soundproof Insulation 101: Everything You Need To Know

Soundproof insulation is when you use certain products to block sound as well as absorb it. Soundproofing a home has been proven to improve sleep, productivity, and happiness, furthermore creating a better environment for your anxious pet. It’s important to note that these methods will not completely eliminate any form of noise from entering your home ever again, but it will bring noise levels to a minimum with noticeable results. This will make your pet feel less stressed, and for those of you with “guard dogs,” they will still be able to protect your home even with soundproofing methods.

Use Soundproof Curtains to Block Outside Distractions

Soundproof curtains a great way to tackle two things at once: blocking light and noise. These curtains can be easily installed over windows and absorbs outside noise that may try to travel through your home. If you have noisy neighbors or live on a busy street, this can definitely impact your pet’s mood and can make them more anxious. Placing something like the AcousticCurtain over a window will prevent these noises from being as disruptive and your pet will thank you.

soundproof insulation
Using a soundproof curtain over windows will prevent outside noise from traveling through your home.

Utilize White Noise as a Way to Calm Your Pet

White noise is a notable solution to covering louder distractions that may disturb your pet. White noise machines are inexpensive and work as a method of ambient noise; they often have several options such as nature sounds, classical music, static, etc. This is a good way to keep your pet distracted and calm, especially when you leave the house.

Place a Soundproof Blanket Over Crates to Absorb Noise

If your pet has a crate or a cage, typical for dogs, rabbits, and birds, then purchasing a soundproof blanket is a smart decision to make. A soundproof blanket is one of the easiest ways to absorb noise; all you have to do is place it on top of the pet’s crate or cage. This method can be used when you leave your home or when it’s time for your pet to go to bed. It works well to absorb noise and can furthermore decrease your pet’s stress levels.

Install a Solid Core Door Within Your Home to Prevent Noise Leaks

It’s important to become familiar with two kinds of doors that are often installed in homes: solid core and hollow core. Hollow core doors are more common within homes since they are more affordable and are easier to install due to its lightweight material. Solid core doors are more expensive and made of a heavy duty material, but work extremely well for soundproofing. If you currently have a hollow core door, it may be important to consider replacing it with a solid core door for a quieter home. This is one of the most effective soundproofing methods and could be necessary for calming anxious pets.

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Use a Soundproof Door Curtain to Block Noise on a Budget

If you do not have the time or money to replace a door, there is another solution for you. The AcoustiDoor is a sound-blocking panel that can be easily installed above a door. Its dense core works as a way to block noise from entering your home. Purchasing a product as such will make it harder for your pet to hear noises outside your door, such as neighbors walking past or someone dropping off a package. This will help your pet feel relaxed and less on-edge. There’s even more alternatives to soundproofing the front door of your home, which is detailed in the video below.

Soundproof Insulation 101: For Anxious Pets At Home – Conclusion

I hope that this guide is helpful for you and your furry friend, furthermore creating a relaxing and peaceful home environment. Soundproofing will not only benefit your pet, but it will benefit your needs as well. You may experience better sleep or focus. Let’s review the best steps to take towards soundproof insulation:

  1. Use Soundproof Curtains to Block Outside Distractions
  2. Utilize White Noise as a Way to Calm Your Pet
  3. Place a Soundproof Crate Over Blankets to Absorb Noise
  4. Install a Solid Core Door Within Your Home to Prevent Noise Leaks
  5. Use a Soundproof Door Curtain to Block Noise on a Budget