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Soundproofing Your Home: Living Room Edition

There are several spaces that are commonly soundproofed within a home like a bedroom, nursery, man cave; the options are endless. One room that is suprisingly yet commonly overlooked is the living room. Many people don’t think about soundproofing a living room because it is an open area where noise is to be expected. Though, […]

how to soundproof a room
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How to Aesthetically Soundproof a Room

Most individuals like to utilize their space as a way to express themselves, whether that is by decorating a bedroom or creating a cozy living room. Decorating the space in which you live, like an apartment, house, or dorm, can improve your happiness, productivity levels, and comfortability. Soundproofing certain areas within a home will produce […]

soundproof laundry room
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Tips for a Soundproof Laundry Room

There are many rooms within a home that need to be soundproofed to improve one’s sleep and focus. Most people focus on soundproofing a bedroom or nursery, but the options are endless when it comes to quieting a space. It may sound unusual, but soundproofing a laundry room can be very beneficial for some individuals. […]

how to soundproof a garage
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How to Soundproof a Garage

Soundproofing a garage may seem like a random and unnecessary task, but it can actually be extremely beneficial. Some people like to use their garage as a space to work on their cars, new projects, or even as a room to play instruments in. If this sounds like you or a family member, then soundproofing […]

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Creating a Soundproof Music Room

If your family has a love for music and instruments, you may have a room solely dedicated to music within your household. Although a grand piano can look glamorous when placed in the foyer of a home, some people prefer to place it in a separate room along with other instruments. A music room can […]

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Guest Room Soundproofing Tips

When it comes to residential soundproofing, many people prioritize one specific space: their bedroom. Evidently, soundproofing makes a huge difference in bedrooms by improving sleep and relaxation time. After installing soundproof methods to the bedroom, individuals often go down a rabbit hole by repeating the process in a home office, nursery, laundry room, etc. Though, […]

how to soundproof a home gym
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How to Soundproof a Home Gym

Creating a home gym is perfect for fitness lovers who want to exercise in their own space, on their own time, and without hassle. It’s also perfect for those who truly enjoy working out, but feel uncomfortable doing so around other people. Some home gyms are filled with almost every exercise equipment imaginable, while others […]