baby white noise
Soundproofing Tips

How a Baby White Noise Machine Can Help

It’s every parent’s dream for their baby to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night. Whenever I watch a show or a movie where parents are putting their babies down for a nap or bedtime, they’re always trying to be as quiet as possible. It seems like they want their baby’s room to […]

traffic noise
Soundproofing Tips

How Traffic Noise Affects Your Sleep

If you live in the city, close to an intersection or highway, you are probably very familiar with the plethora of traffic noises that can interfere with your sleep and keep you up at night. Even if you have become acclimated to some of these sounds, chances are your sleep is still affected. Learn More: […]

soundproof child's bedroom
Soundproofing Tips

Soundproof A Child’s Bedroom

It’s already hard enough to get your kids to go to sleep when you want them to, you don’t need loud noises keeping them awake when they actually do want to sleep. Have no fear though, we do have tips for you on how to soundproof a child’s bedroom. How to Soundproof a Child’s Bedroom […]