How a Baby White Noise Machine Can Help

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It’s every parent’s dream for their baby to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night. Whenever I watch a show or a movie where parents are putting their babies down for a nap or bedtime, they’re always trying to be as quiet as possible. It seems like they want their baby’s room to be completely silent while the baby sleeps, but is that the best sleeping environment a baby could have? We’re going to talk about how sound in the form of white noise could help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep.

Why You Should Get A White Noise Machine for Your Baby

Say you fall asleep with your TV on, but you wake up a little while later because an explosion happened in whatever show was on. When something wakes us up, it’s not necessarily because it was loud, it’s because there was a significant change between the current noise level of the environment and the noise that happened.

When your baby wakes up and starts crying because you walked by their door a little to loud, they heard a noise that was louder than the silence of their room. Putting a white noise machine in your baby’s room can help solve this issue and make it so you don’t have to stay completely silent when the baby has fallen asleep. 

Benefits of Sound Masking

  1. Masks or covers unwanted noises
  2. Can improve sleep, for both parents and children
  3. Allows you to get back to your “day to day” life, after putting kids down

How Noise Machines Mask Sound

White noise machines create ambient background noise that can drown out any abrupt noises that could wake a baby. The sounds are typically at a specific decibel or hertz level that isn’t perceivable by the human ear.

When picking out a noise machine for your baby’s room, make sure you get one that has adjustable volume and different sound options. Adjustable volume ensures that the machine

baby white noise

A white noise machine can help mask any disturbing sounds that could wake your baby.

won’t be so loud that your baby isn’t able to fall asleep and different sound options just provide listening variety.

White noise also isn’t the only option available for noise machines. The one we would suggest for babies is green noise because it has less static. Green noise machines are typically more expensive, but end up being worth it. Some other different types of sound include pink noise and brown noise,  learn more about different types of sound masking here.

If you don’t want to go out and invest in a noise machine just yet, you can give the Calm App a try on your phone. Calm is a meditation app but it also offers songs and sounds meant for helping people get to sleep and stay asleep.

Benefits of a White Noise Machine for Your Baby 

Putting a noise machine in the nursery won’t just benefit your baby it was also benefit you. If your baby sleeps through the night then you probably will too. Good sleep quality is linked to better health and cognitive function; some other possible benefits of trying out a noise machine for your baby.

As we know, where there are benefits there can also be some downsides. There can be some cons when you purchase a white noise machine including:

  • Some of them are louder than the recommended 50 decibels; anything higher can be harmful to a baby’s hearing. Just make sure this is something you check for when purchasing one.
  • Children can sometimes become dependent on them and cannot sleep without them
  • Some children don’t respond well to noise machines and it ends up disturbing their sleep rather than helping it

There have been some claims that noise machines can negatively impact a baby’s health, but they have been disproven with studies.

How Else You Can Quiet Your Baby’s Room 

Other than a white noise machine, there are some other methods that could help your baby sleep more peacefully. Any fabric such as carpeting in the room can dampen reverberation and footfall. Some other sound absorbers that could fit naturally into your nursery could include curtains and stuffed animals. Check out some soundproof curtains from our website also if you have issues with outside noise making its way into your baby’s nursery.

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Take Our Advice and Get a Baby White Noise Machine

Like we said earlier, white noise isn’t for everyone but it’s worth a try especially when there are free apps available for that. If you decide to make the purchase we found a super cute sound machine/night light that would fit in nicely with your baby’s room. For more tips on how your baby could have the ideal sleeping environment, check out our blog on 4 Ways to Soundproof a Baby Room.

How a Baby White Noise Machine Can Help
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How a Baby White Noise Machine Can Help
There are multiple benefits from using a white noise machine for your baby: 1. Masks or covers unwanted noises 2. Can improve sleep, for both parents and children 3. Allows you to get back to your "day to day" life, after putting kids down
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