Can’t Sleep? Find the White Noise Machine that’s Right For You

white noise machines

For some, falling asleep is simple. You know who I’m talking about – those lucky few who could effortlessly drift off to the sound of blasting cannons or bursting fireworks. And then there’s the rest of us, who lay awake into the night, tossing and turning with every little noise that finds its way into our ears. – What if I told you the solution to your sleeping woes may be adding noise? While products such as soundproof curtains and double-pane windows can help in reducing inbound noise, it may not be enough to prevent sleep disruption. White noise machines, on the other hand, can supplement either of these options by masking whatever noise still infiltrates your room.

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What Is White Noise?

White noise is traditionally defined as a noise made up of hundreds of sounds of different frequencies, TV and radio static, for example. Now, I’m not suggesting you lay in bed and pump your ears full of static. White noise has come to be an umbrella term for all different types of sound masking – covering up an abrasive sound with the many frequencies of a white noise.

If unwelcome noise is standing firm between you and the good night’s rest you deserve, it may be time to give white noise a try and discover the relaxing world of sleep sounds.

Keep reading to learn about 7 of the best white noise machines, apps and homemade solutions.

Our Recommended Sound Masking Machines

1. Marpac Dohm:

The Marpac Dohm is recognized as one of the top white noise machines in the business. Having been on the market for more than 50 years, its no surprise these little machines have reached near perfection.

The Dohm is a small, circular machine with an internal fan which whirs when you turn it on, providing a consistent, calming fan sound to sleep to. The fan masks obtrusive noises, allowing you to get to sleep and stay asleep.

2. Adaptive Sound Technologies Sound+Sleep

The Sound+Sleep may be one of the most technologically advanced white noise machines available today. The product is able to independently monitor noise levels in the room and adjust itself as needed. While this product is on the pricey side, it’s definitely worth the investment if you have decided white noise is the sound solution for your sleep.

3. Conair SU1W

For sleep sound beginners, Conair makes a great introductory product that won’t break the bank. The machine comes equipped with 10 different sound settings from heartbeat to thunderstorm. For those looking to try out their first white noise machine, this is the perfect product.

sound masking machine

No matter what white noise option you decide is best for you, sound masking is a great way to cover the unwanted noises keeping you awake at night.

White Noise Apps

4. White Noise by TMSoft

If you have a smartphone and a pair of headphones, all you have to do is download this free app TMSoft and you’ll have access to more than 40 white noise variations. After being called “revolutionary,” by Dr. Oz, this app has grown to be one of the most widely used white noise apps in existence.

5. Spotify White Noise

Spotify has hundreds of different white noise playlists to choose from. They may not all be the best quality but they are easy to access and many are free. Download Spotify premium for a small fee and you’ll be able to make your own playlists from your favorite white noise recordings.

House Hold Sleep Sounds

6. Fans

One of the most popular white noise sounds to sleep to is a whirring fan. For most people, a small, inexpensive fan on the bedside table will do the trick to mask any annoying noise and help you get to sleep.

7. Washing Machines & Dryers

If your bedroom is close to your laundry machine, you’re in luck. Load it up right before bed and fall asleep while it’s running. This doesn’t work well for everyone as it depends on your bedroom being near your washing machine, but if this is the case for you then this might be the easiest white noise solution.

White Noise Machines Are Great For Many Situations

Whether it’s noisy neighbors, excessive street noise or a snoring partner, obtrusive sound can be a major obstacle on the journey to a good nights sleep. Hopefully, one of these white noise solutions will work for you and become your new favorite sleep sound.