Soundproof A Child’s Bedroom

soundproof child's bedroom

It’s already hard enough to get your kids to go to sleep when you want them to, you don’t need loud noises keeping them awake when they actually do want to sleep. Have no fear though, we do have tips for you on how to soundproof a child’s bedroom.

How to Soundproof a Child’s Bedroom

Noise from other rooms in your home can create sound disturbances in your child’s bedroom, keeping them up or waking them up in the middle of the night. Read on for simple, low mess soundproofing tips that will give you more privacy and your child a more peaceful sleeping environment. Note that nurseries may require additional treatment, see our guide for soundproofing a nursery as well.

Soundproof Child's Room

If your kids have trouble sleeping, you may need to consider soundproofing their bedroom. A lot of kids are easily distracted by noises from people talking or TV, or they’re just generally light sleepers. You can begin soundproofing your child’s by soundproofing the door, since this is probably where most sound from the rest of your house would be getting in.

Soundproofing the Door to a Child’s Room – Soundproof Door Covers

Is sound coming from other parts of the house? Maybe you have a dog who doesn’t know when to stop barking or a husband who’s watching sports on full blast.

Sound can seep through even the smallest cracks or gaps around a door. This can be easily fixed by installing door seals or sweeps. Door seals lock around the perimeter of the door, preventing noise from transferring between rooms. Door sweeps are installed underneath the door, sealing the gap between the door and the floor and stopping noise from leaking through this space.

Consider a Soundproof Door Cover to minimize the sound traveling through and under the door. The AcoustiDoor from Residential Acoustics hangs above the door and can be unrolled at bed time and rolled back up in the morning. By creating a seal around the door with velcro, it’s much harder for sound to find its way into the room through any cracks.

Soundproofing the Window for Child’s Bedroom- Acoustic Curtains

On the other hand, is the main noise issue coming from outside roadway noise? If you live on a busy road or you have neighbors with louder cars, the traffic noise is likely sneaking in through your windows.

Our AcousticCurtain™ is a soundproof curtain that deflects sound waves, blocking them from entering the room. They are a low cost, easy to install way to soundproof your child’s bedroom. Offered in a variety of colors and customizable to any window size, they are a perfect fit for any bedroom.

If this is a window that get’s a lot of use (opened and closed multiple times per day) you may want to consider installing the AcoustiTrac. It has the same sound blocking abilities as the AcousticCurtain, but can easily be moved to the side when it’s not in use.

soundproof child's bedroom

Whether it’s traffic noise or barking dogs outside your child’s bedroom window, the AcoustiTrac blocks out 60%-90% of outside noise from getting into your home.

Soundproofing the Floor in a Kid’s Room

If your child’s bedroom is on the first floor of the home, sound coming from upstairs can disrupt their sleeping schedule. Floor Blokker is a heavy duty mass loaded vinyl with a cotton scrim layer, designed to be placed under flooring. The mass loaded vinyl works to block noise from making its way to the room below, while the cotton layer helps dampen impact noise such as footfall.  This product can be easily installed under any style of flooring.

If your child’s bedroom is on the second floor of the home, sound coming from downstairs can travel up through the ceiling. An option for this problem is Wall Blokker, which stops sound from being transmitted through the ceiling and up into their room. Just like Floor Blokker, this product is made of heavy duty mass loaded vinyl and blocks sound from transferring between rooms.

Soundproof & Mask Sound in Kid’s Room with White Noise

A lot of people wonder how adding more noise such as white noise to a room will help with soundproofing. White noise machines help to mask any disturbing noises that could be keeping your child awake or startling them awake at night.

Sound masking works by keeping the noise in a room constant and mask sudden noises. This works because when we hear a noise that startles us, it’s not just because it was loud it’s because it was a significant change from the normal noise level in a room.

Soundproof Bedroom for Your Kids – Soundproof Child’s Room Summarized

In summary, you can soundproof a child’s room using the following materials and steps:

  • Soundproof doors using an STC rated soundproofing door cover
  • Soundproof windows with MLV lined soundproofing curtains
  • Soundproof floors above and below a child’s bedroom with a soundproofing underlayment
  • Use a white noise machine to mask loud and abrupt noses in a kid’s room

Did any of these soundproofing tips work for your child’s bedroom? Let us know in the comments below!

Soundproofing A Child's Bedroom
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Soundproofing A Child's Bedroom
Soundproofing a child's room does not need to be a heavy construction process - by using sound blocking curtains and door panels, you can treat the space.
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