Infographic: Soundproof Common Noises


Some sounds are louder, longer, and just plain more annoying than others. Instead of giving you a plain list of those sounds you hear day to day, we’ve decided to have fun with a new InfoGraphic that to put it all in perspective. Notice on the sides the amount of sound that our soundproof curtains, the AcousticCurtainTM and AcoustiDoorTM, have shown to reduce. We hope that this graphic will give you a scale to estimate how much sound you need to block in order to better sleep, study, or focus. If you experience some of these noises, or others that are contributing to noise-related issues, feel free to consult our Soundproofing Blog for tips and tricks, or try out our Soundproofing Curtains to reduce the noise that disrupts your day! If you think your problem requires some sort of construction or is for commercial purposes, contact us here for more help!

Soundproof Curtain Blocks Loud Noises

Soundproofing Common Noises


By: Walker Peek