Effective Soundproof Curtains


There is a lot of speculation on the web that curtains are not a viable solution to loud sounds, whether draped over leaky doors or windows. This is based on the notion that you need a dense, thick material in order to repel sound, unlike the soft, plush material best used to absorb it. While it is undoubtedly true that standard curtains sold at retail outlets will do little to nothing to reduce the noise in your home, recent technological breakthroughs have enabled some solutions to reach the market.

The number one issue to keep in mind is the amount of sound that you need to reduce. If you are having recording sessions right off of Broadway Ave, then a more sophisticated approach may be needed. However, the vast majority of people need a significant sound reduction, or “attenuation”, to help them sleep or focus more easily. This can be achieved with the soundproof curtains on the market today! By using patented, soundproofing materials, combined with industrial design to ensure a firm seal and simple usability, Residential Acoustics is offering a breakthrough innovation.

There are other solutions available as well, including double-pane windows and solid-core doors. The biggest issue that arises with these solutions is the need to damage or modify the living space, which many apartment renters are hesitant to do. On top of that, there are few landlords that will reimburse a renter for upgrades to the apartment, even if they are necessary for a better quality of living. With double-pane windows, you can expect to block more sound, but with a price point around 10 times that of existing soundproof curtains, and the necessary time or additional cost of installation, this becomes a prohibitive choice.

Soundproof Curtains Work!

In the end, maybe the best description is “soundproof-er”. You will not get a 100% transmission loss with any standard installation, because noise is still entering through walls, around the edges of gaps, and through the lightest materials (which is still the window/curtain combo). That considered, if you are looking for a good way to make a significant improvement in the noise in your room, then this is a low-cost alternative that maximizes your return on investment!

Introducing the AcousticCurtain™

Our patented sound-blocking curtain blocks most outside noise and starts around a hundred bucks! Click here to design yours today.