Effective Soundproof Curtains

Effective Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof Curtains, Do They Work to Block Noises and Sounds?

There is a lot of speculation on the web that curtains are not a viable solution to loud sounds. Whether draped over leaky doors or windows, people wonder if they are an effective solution for blocking noises and sounds.

Soundproof curtains and window coverings have come a long way. Where once it was thought that you need a dense, thick material in order to repel sound, recent technological breakthroughs have enabled affordable soundproofing curtains to reach the market. Unlike the plush “soundproof curtains” you come across that just absorb echo, Residential Acoustics has developed flexible, but durable curtains that block sound.

What Makes Soundproof Curtains Effective?

The main material that makes soundproof curtains effective is the use of a mass loaded vinyl core, which reflects incoming noise with a polymer blend of PVC and crushed limestone. This heavy-duty barrier within the curtain blocks unwanted sound.

This does NOT make them good absorbers – if you have echo in your home or studio, then soundproof curtains are not the answer, but instead, sound-absorbing curtains are, such as velvet, velour or other heavy plush fabrics. Likewise, those curtains will not do much to repel inbound noise into your space. Make sure you identify your main sound issue, and treat it accordingly! If light sleep or noisy neighbors are your issue, use soundproof curtains. If echo is a problem in your room, use acoustic absorption curtains.

Do Velvet Curtains Reduce Noise?

As mentioned above, velvet curtains cannot reduce the amount of noise that transfers through a wall, door or window and into another space. They can however reduce the amount of noise occurring within a space by reducing the amount of echo in that space.

Velvet curtains and other plush curtains can’t block sound because, although they may be heavy and thick, they’re still porous and can allow sound to pass through. However, it is these pores that are necessary to absorb echo caused by sound bouncing off the walls, ceiling and floor.

Likewise, mass loaded vinyl, a product often used in the production of soundproof curtains and other soundproofing materials, can’t absorb sound because it’s not porous.

PVC barrier soundproofing material

Vinyl barrier mass-loaded with calcium additives to provide soundproofing performance.

Soundproof Materials Transform into Sound-blocking Window Coverings

Soundproofing products made with lighter weight absorption materials can also reduce sounds and noises. The number one issue to keep in mind is the amount of noise sound blocking curtains or window coverings need to reduce.

If you are having recording sessions right off of Broadway Avenue, then a more sophisticated approach may be needed. However, the vast majority of people need a significant sound reduction, or “attenuation”, to help them sleep or focus more easily. This can be achieved with the soundproof curtains made with soundproofing materials. There are other solutions available as well. Read more below.

For an Affordable Option for a Soundproofing Curtain

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Other Soundproofing Solutions for the Home

There are other solutions available as well, including double-pane windows and solid-core doors.

The biggest issue that arises with these solutions is the need to damage or modify the living space, which many apartment renters are hesitant to do. On top of that, there are few landlords that will reimburse a renter for upgrades to the apartment, even if they are necessary for a better quality of living.

With double-pane windows, you can expect to block more sound, plus a price point around 10 times that of soundproof curtains. This plus the extra time and cost for installation make double-paned windows an unpopular soundproofing method for many people.

The Low-cost Alternative to Effectively Quieting Your Environment: Soundproof Curtains

Effective Soundproof Curtains

Soundproofing curtains are an affordable and effective soundproofing option, especially when you don’t want to spend on fortune on soundproofing your walls once your home is already constructed.

In the end, maybe the best description is “soundproof-er”. You will not get a 100% transmission loss with any standard installation, because noise is still entering through walls, around the edges of gaps, and through the lightest materials (which is still the window/curtain combo).  But it will reduce the sounds and noises you hear outside windows and doors.

With that in mind, if you are looking for a good way to make a significant improvement in the noise in your room, then a soundproof curtain is a low-cost alternative that maximizes your return on investment while adding privacy and quiet to your environment.

Residential-Acoustics’ AcousticCurtain, is a patented sound-blocking curtain used in homes, and businesses to block sounds, noises and light coming from windows or doors and starts around $120. You can customize and design your soundproofing curtain to match the décor of any room and the size of most widows and doors.

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Soundproof Curtains – Designed for Sound-Blocking NOT Sound-Absorption

At the end of the day, the market is flooded with curtains claiming to “reduce noise”. These noise-reducing curtains may do a fine job at absorbing echo or blocking at light, but you need to ensure any soundproof curtain you’re considering has an STC rating and is designed to reflect noise back towards its source. This means it can both keep noise out of your bedroom, as well as keep noise in.

Heavy-duty materials are needed to block noise – if your curtain does not have sufficient mass (aka, if it does not weight a lot), then it will not improve the soundproofing of your window, door, or wall.

Soundproof Curtains

Are you are a commercial customer with questions about a soundproofing project or need acoustic consulting services? We can provide help to a variety of industries. Contact Commercial Acoustics for more information.

How Effective are Soundproof Curtains?
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