office soundproofing at home
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Office Soundproofing 101: Content Creation

After the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rise in the usage of home offices and remote work. A countless number of individuals build offices at home specifically for the purpose of content creation. It is important that your office space sparks creativity and productivity. Many individuals take pride in decorating their home office and […]

Stylish Soundproof Curtain Blocks Outside Noises and Sounds
Soundproofing Tips

Soundproofing Curtains for Offices

Noisy Office Problem: When offices are too noisy, it negatively affects the workplace in a variety of ways. It’s harder for employees to complete work on time, focus on the task at hand, and communicate with coworkers. This leads to lower productivity, efficiency, and employee moral. Whether sound is coming from neighboring businesses, nearby residential […]

noisy office space
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Office Soundproofing for Open Office Layouts

Frank Lloyd Wright’s revolutionary idea of the open floor plan was meant to change architecture and office layouts for the better. More light, open space, and easy collaboration between coworkers were supposed to increase productivity and foster a community feel at work. However, now it might be necessary to start soundproofing open office spaces because […]

massage studio
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Massage Studio Soundproofing

A massage studio in Los Angeles reached out to us about a problem they were having with their privacy curtains. While the curtains kept clients from seeing each other, it didn’t stop them from hearing each other. Whether it was a couple trying to talk to one another or a client talking to their masseuse, […]