How to Soundproof Your Bedroom from Outside Noise

Your bedroom should be your own personal sanctuary where you can escape the world and get some rest. Unfortunately, for many people, intrusive noise makes this notion nothing but a pipe dream.

If loud neighbors, airplanes, or street noise keeps you up at night, it’s time to learn about soundproofing. Soundproofing can change your life for the better by blocking noise and turning your bedroom into the peaceful haven you deserve.

Keep reading to find the right soundproofing solution for your bedroom. While this article focuses on exterior sound issues, see our Comprehensive Bedroom Soundproofing Guide for additional bedroom soundproofing tips.

Sound Masking for Bedrooms

If the offending noise is irritating but not extremely loud, sound masking may be your best bet. Sound masking works by creating a consistent, low-volume noise that covers up another, unwanted noise. Common sound masking solutions include white-noise machines, fans, and air conditioners. These solutions make speech unintelligible so that you can ignore it. Sound masking works best to drown out noisy neighbors or sound coming from another room in your home.

Seal Bedroom Sound Leaks

To provide a strong base for any soundproofing project, you need to first seal up any sound leaks. Gaps and cracks in walls, especially around doors and windows, create weak spots for noise to sneak through. You can stop these leaks by sealing up any cracks with caulk or soundproofing sealant.

Soundproofing Curtains for Outside Noise

For noise that is entering your home from the outside from sources like traffic and planes, soundproofing curtains are the ideal solution. These curtains are customized to fit your windows exactly in order to create a tight seal. This seal, combined with highly engineered soundproofing material, allows for a vast reduction of noise.

Soundproof Bedroom Doors

If noise is being transmitted from another room in your home, you’ll want to hang soundproof panels over your door frames. This one works to deflect soundwaves as they hit and directs them away from your room. Soundproof panels can greatly reduce noise flow between rooms, making them an ideal solution for room-to-room noise transfer.

Contact an Acoustic Consultant

A noise problem shouldn’t stand in your way of a good night’s sleep. Use these soundproofing tips to shield your bedroom from bothersome noise. Whether the noise is interior or exterior, diagnose the noise problem then solve it using the right acoustic tools!

How to Soundproof Your Bedroom from Outside Noise
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How to Soundproof Your Bedroom from Outside Noise
Discover cost-effective ways to soundproof your bedroom from outside noise by isolating sound paths and masking unwanted noise levels.
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