Soundproofing your Media Room

Soundproofing media room

A media room is meant for activities such as entertaining, hanging out, watching TV, or listening to music without disrupting the rest of the home. However, this isn’t always the case when the sound of sirens from that racing video game or screams over this week’s big football matchup find their way around the house.

If your spouse, kids, or house guests are tired of hearing the loud noises coming from your media room, check out these products for soundproofing your entertainment space quickly and easily.

Acoustical wallpaper

Applied over existing walls, acoustical wallpaper can reduce up to 75% of noise and be installed by the typical DIY’er. It also has the ability to be primed and painted over to match any decor in your media room, meaning no construction or remodeling. Check out our OverWall Noise Blocker, an easy fix for the common problem of noise disturbances!

Ceiling Blokker Pro

Is your media room in the basement? Our Ceiling Blocker Pro can be installed between an already existing ceiling and additional layer of drywall. This will reduce noise from traveling up into the other floors of the house.

The AcoustiDoor™

Our AcoustiDoor™ can be hung over the doorway into your media room to keep noise from seeping into the rest of the house. Hand-crafted, customizable to your door size, and available in a variety of colors and fabrics, this is a visually appealing, low-cost solution to noise problems. Door seals (placed around the perimeter of the door) or sweeps (placed underneath the door) are other options available to keep noise from traveling under doors.


As surprising as it may seem, simple furniture placement can help absorb sound in your media room so that there is less echo. Placing bookshelves against the wall can create an extra barrier between your media room and other adjacent rooms in the house. Plush couches, thick carpeting, and rugs can also absorb noise from the room and keep it from spreading.

Do you suffer from noise leaks from your media room? Did any of these solutions work for you? Tell us about it in the comments below!




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