Soundproofing Bay Windows
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Soundproofing for Bay Windows

Not all windows are designed equally, so you may not be able to use the same type of soundproofing treatments on different windows. Soundproofing bay windows can be a bit difficult due to their irregular shape, especially if the plan is to use soundproofing curtains. This is probably why most of the questions we receive […]

Best Soundproofing Curtains
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Best Soundproofing Curtains For Your Home

You may have seen articles about “The Best Soundproof Curtains on Amazon” or “The best Soundproof Curtains this Year”, but are those curtains actually soundproof? Companies that aren’t familiar with how soundproofing actually works, tend to advertise sound absorbing curtains as soundproofing curtains, and end up with dissatisfied customers. While these companies may not be […]

Soundproofing Homeschool Classroom
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Soundproofing a Homeschool Classroom

If by the time you read this, COVID-19 is no longer an issue, then great! While homeschooling and virtual learning has always been around, it’s been more prominent during the pandemic. Either way, we want to help you set up the best possible homeschool learning environment for your kids, whether or not it was ever […]

Light Sleepers
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Light Sleepers (How to Stay Asleep)

Tossing and turning throughout the night doesn’t cut it. As humans we spend up to one-third of our lives in a sleep state and it is crucial to our bodies’ health, mental clarity and performance throughout our lives. For light sleepers the most common obstacle faced when trying to stay asleep is their lack of […]

soundproof your laundry room
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Soundproof Your Laundry Room

There are few sounds that can be as annoying, or disruptive, as a laundry room in an apartment or home. Whether it’s the clicking over from the wash cycle, the dryer rumbling  at low frequencies, or the finishing buzzer, laundry room noise can wake you from a sleep, keep you from falling asleep and even prevent […]

soundproofing blankets
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Using Soundproof Blankets to Reduce Noise

Why Use Soundproof Blankets? Renters and homeowners can use soundproof blankets to shield their homes from annoying outside noises such as traffic and loud neighbors. People can also use soundproof blankets to reduce noise within the home by preventing a lot of sounds from coming into one room from another room. These are a temporary […]