The Most Effective Ways to Block Out Sound


Are the neighbors too noisy, sirens too loud, or the planes flying too close to let you sleep peacefully at night? We’ve come up with a few ways to effectively block out unwanted sound!

Cost-Effective Ways to Block Out Sound

Here’s a checklist of cost-effective ways to block out sound. For a comprehensive listing, see our Ultimate Guide to Soundproofing Your Apartment!

  1. Furniture Placement

This is the one thing not many people think about when trying to reduce noise. The placement of furniture in your room can help muffle sounds coming from outside. Placing a bookshelf or bookcase by the wall can create a thicker barrier between you and the sound. Also, try moving your bed to the wall furthest away from the sound to get better sleep.

NOTE: Bookshelves and bookcases will only work to reduce noise transfer if they cover the entire wall, floor-to-ceiling. Otherwise, consider one of the sound masking options below.

  1. Fans

If you aren’t bothered by a white noise but want to reduce the ability to hear outside sounds, try installing a ceiling fan or buying a box fan. The humming of the fans can mask the outside noises.

  1. Carpeting

If it isn’t your next door neighbors that are the problem, it may be the people below your apartment. Consider installing a carpet if your apartment allows it. If not, purchase a thick rug to put on the floor to block some of the noise.

  1. Soundproofing Curtains

The easiest way to reduce sound is simply by installing thick curtains. You can buy them many department stores and also online like these at IKEA. You can also check out the Residential Acoustics’ soundproof curtains and soundproofing door covers which were designed to reduce sound from coming into your living space.

  1. Sound Machine

Sound machines are another great way to create white noise to drown out annoying sounds. You can buy an actual sound machine like this one from Brookstone or you can download relaxing sound apps on your cellphone or iPad. There are also hours of white noise YouTube videos.