How to Sleep with a Snorer


They say love can be blind, but it most certainly isn’t deaf. Especially not after a number of sleepless nights due to a partner with a snoring problem. If you’re getting tired of throwing elbows and kicks to jolt your snoring partner awake, we have a few tips for you.

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Learn the Top Ways to Deal with Snoring in Your Bedroom

  1. How to tell your partner they snore

According to a survey the National Sleep Foundation conducted, twice as many men as women report that they snore every, or nearly every night. 32% of men versus 16% of women are snorers. Snoring can take a toll on a relationship, so how do you tell your partner?

Usually the snorer has no idea that they snore considering they are asleep while they are keeping you awake. The first step is to get them to acknowledge the problem. Start by nicely telling the snorer about the issue. You don’t want to embarrass your partner because that may cause more problems. If they do not believe you, consider recording them while snoring and letting them listen for themselves.

  1. What is causing the snoring?reduce snoring noise

Does he sleep on his back? Lying on your back can make your jaw open which causes the tongue to shift to the back of the throat and narrows the airway.

Does he drink alcohol before going to sleep? Alcohol can have sort of the same effect as laying on your back. It causes the jaw to relax and the tongue to drop back into the throat.

Does he smoke? Smoking cigarettes can irritate and inflame the upper airways of the throat causing your partner to snore.

Is he overweight? Being overweight is the most common cause of snoring. The extra fat deposits can cause the throat tissue to collapse and narrow the airway.

If the snoring can’t be stopped by a lifestyle change, it may be time to call your doctor. They can do an overnight sleep study to see if the problem is anatomical. The snoring could be dangerous if it is related to sleep apnea which is when someone stops breathing for 10 seconds or longer several times every hour.

  1. Temporary fixes

Anti-snoring Pillows: They can lift the head up and position the neck at an angle to reduce the snoring. Two of the top rated anti-snore pillows are the Brookstone Anti Snore Pillow and the Obus Forme Anti Snore Pillow.

Nasal spray: Over the counter decongestant nasal sprays can open the airway if the snoring is due to a cold or allergies. They should not be used for more than 3 consecutive days.

White-out noise: This is for you, not the snorer. Sometimes having white noise can make the snoring more bearable.

We hope these tips will be helpful when considering how to deal with a snoring partner!

If the sound issues are coming from outside the bedroom, try a soundproof curtain or soundproof door cover to block out outside noise and create a more peaceful sleep environment.