Soundproofing with Style

Soundproofing with Style

Need to soundproof a room but the thought of cluttering up your space with clunky products and ruining your décor with ugly panels is making you cringe? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be this way!

While there are numerous industrial soundproofing products on the market, few of them are designed to also match a residential interior design scheme. Few fabric colors and options are available, and wall mounting usually requires nailing through grommet holes.

By simply choosing the right products decorating and soundproofing can be one in the same. Check out these customizable products to soundproof your space with style.

Soundproof Door Covers:


Noise bothering you from other rooms? You may need the a soundproofing blanket such a the AcoustiDoor, a sound-blocking panel that hangs over interior doors and reduces noise. The best part? The panel can be easily customized to complement any room. Choose from a wide range of fabric colors and patterns and then select your desired straps and hooks. Because it’s retractable, the Acoustidoor can be conveniently rolled up anytime you want your door frames on full display.

Soundproof Curtains:

To block out irritating outside noise, choose between the AcousticCurtain soundproof curtain and AcoustiTrac. The color, pattern, straps and hooks of these soundproofing curtains can be customized to fit your room’s décor the same way the Acoustidoor can be.

Acoustic Absorption Panels:

If you’re having an acoustic problem, you may need to install some Acoustic Absorption Panels. These are square panels that are mounted onto the walls to absorb sound and help fix acoustic issues.

These panels don’t have to be boring! You can customize size and thickness and then choose between colored fabric wrap finishes or custom art. Once you’ve designed your panels, mount them in decorative arrangements for unique and functional wall art.

If fabric wrap finish isn’t the right look for your room, check out these Paintable Acoustic Panels which are coated in latex and can be painted any color. These panels can also be custom printed with any design, photo, or logo you like.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality when it comes to soundproofing. Invest in these customizable products and you’ll soon be enjoying your newfound quiet and décor.