How to Aesthetically Soundproof a Room

how to soundproof a room

Most individuals like to utilize their space as a way to express themselves, whether that is by decorating a bedroom or creating a cozy living room. Decorating the space in which you live, like an apartment, house, or dorm, can improve your happiness, productivity levels, and comfortability. Soundproofing certain areas within a home will produce similar feelings, additionally having a positive effect on sleep and decreasing stress levels. When most people think of installing soundproofing methods, they usually imagine bulky, unappealing products that impact the appearance of a room. Though, it is very possible to aesthetically soundproof a room. This article will provide a guide that includes the best soundproofing methods for both form and function.

Aesthetic Ways to Soundproof a Room

Use Soundproof Curtains as a Stylish Way to Block Noise

As we all know, curtains are a necessity if you don’t want to be woken up by the sun, or blinded by the bright beams when you are trying to watch your favorite tv show. Since you already need curtains, why not kill two birds with one stone and buy ones that have soundproofing benefits? The AcousticCurtain works as both a noise and light-blocking method, in addition to providing thermal benefits. This product can be customized to fit the dimensions of any window, made of a material that deflects sound waves. Available in several fabric options, it reserves the aesthetic of a space.

Utilize a Door Seal for a Minimalistic Sound Absorbing Method

Sound thrives in a space when it is able to find gaps to leak through, which is typically around a door or window. A simple solution to this would be by placing a door seal at the bottom of the door. Although it isn’t necessarily a decorative form of soundproofing, it is minimalistic so you’ll barely notice it. It won’t affect the appearance or aesthetic of your room. Another plus is that door seals are affordable and extremely easy to install on your own. Though, it is important to note that this soundproofing method should be used along with others for best results.

how to soundproof a room
Using different kinds of furniture will not only elevate the space, but can muffle noise that travels within it.

Place Different Pieces of Furniture Around the Room to Muffle Noise

If the room you are soundproofing requires furniture, like a bedroom or dining room, it can be helpful to fill the room with various forms of furniture. Placing a large couch, fouton, end table, or even chairs around the room will not only make it look more put together, but it can be a method of sound absorption. Although using furniture in a space isn’t specifically a soundproofing method, it takes up empty space in a room, further working as a barrier to muffle or block noise. Using various forms of furniture will give you free rein in deciding the aesthetic you want to go for and how you want to make the room uniquely yours.

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Use Plush Rugs to Reduce Echo in a Space

Similar to using furniture in a space, rugs can be another way to decorate and muffle sound. Echo is one of the most annoying ways for sound to fill a room, usually caused by sound bouncing off of hard and reflective surfaces. If the floor within the space you are soundproofing is tile or wood, that makes it extremely easy for sound waves to travel within it. Placing plush rugs around a room will absorb any sound that may bounce off the hard floor surface. This method is affordable and simple, elevates the appearance of a space, and can reduce the amount of sound that travels even though it technically isn’t “soundproofing.”

Hang Acoustic Art Panels on Walls to Decorate and Soundproof Simultaneously

If you’re interested in purchasing canvases or decorations to place on the walls in a room, acoustic art panels may be the perfect investment for you. These are wall-mounted panels with high-end absorption abilities, improving speech intelligibility. It’s a customizable product as well, so if you have a design or image preference, it can be created for you. Installing wall panels will work as a way to stop noise from traveling in and out of the space, serving as a perfect soundproof and decorative solution.

How to Aesthetically Soundproof a Room – Conclusion

With the many options provided, you can make effective decisions on which products will work best for your needs. Although the best soundproofing products are typically clunkier, there are still many options on the aesthetic side that have great benefits. I hope this guide will help you create the picture-perfect room you desire, additionally with improved acoustics.

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