Gaming Room Soundproofing

Gaming Room Soundproofing

We’ve all either dealt with the person playing videos games way too loudly (while yelling) or we’ve been that person. Depending on which one you are, you’re either being bothered or you’re the one bothering everyone else in your house. Personally, I’m the one who has to hear it and it’s super annoying, but now there’s finally a solution! We’ll teach your about gaming room soundproofing so you can have more peace and quiet in your home.

How to Soundproof a Game Room

While I only have to deal with a boyfriend who plays X-Box with his friends, some gamers have a pretty serious setup. The game room of a serious gamer is going to require more soundproofing treatment than that of a casual gamer.

What You’ll Need:

  • Soundproof Door Cover
  • Door Sweeps and Seals
  • Bass Traps
  • Wall Blokker Pro (if you want to go that extra mile)

Prevent Sound Flanking Around Doors

Step 1: Close the door!! If that doesn’t work, keep reading…

soundproofing a gaming room door
Soundproofing the door to a gaming room is probably going to be the best option in terms of cost and effort. Doors are notorious for allowing sound to leak in and out of a room because of the gaps they have around the perimeter, and because they’re just not very soundproof at their core.

For those of you soundproofing your gaming room on a budget, start with installing door seals and sweeps to prevent sound from leaking out of the cracks around the door. While you might not think so, these can help make a big difference in the noise level because a 1% opening lets in 50% of sound. Just think about it, is there any door in your house that doesn’t have at least a 1/2 inch gap at the bottom? That gap is most likely the root of a lot of the sound leaking through your doors. It’s also going to be affected by whether you have a hollow core door or a solid core door, and the soundproofing ability of the surrounding wall.

As long as you properly install the sweeps and seals, you should see a noticeable difference in the amount of noise escaping the room. If it’s not as much of a sound reduction as you want, then don’t worry you still have more options.

A sound blocking door cover, or our AcoustiDoor, is the next step you’ll need to take. Using hooks, this product mounts right over the door and, with the choice of a perimeter seal, can velcro or magnetize around the door to block even more sound. With an STC of 21, it is expected to block between 21-25 decibels, or 60%-80% of noise, depending on the sound frequency. High frequencies are much easier to block than low frequencies.

With the AcoustiDoor in place, you should see a very noticeable difference in the level of sound coming out of the gaming room. The core material actually works to block sound, unlike the “soundproof” curtains made of thicker fabrics, which only help absorb echo.

Absorbing Extra Bass & Echo in a Gaming Room

Now, for a casual gamer the two methods above will likely be enough, but serious gamers tend to use more serious sound systems. Bass traps won’t necessarily decrease the level of noise in the room, but they will help absorb any low frequency echo to make any bass-like noises less intense. Plus, if the gamer in question is using a headset to talk with their friend the bass traps will help make that audio sound more clear.

how to soundproof a gaming room
Gamers who use their gaming rooms for streaming should seriously consider adding both soundproofing and acoustic treatment to the space. This improves the sound quality that your viewers hear when they watch your streams, but if your sound quality is bad, you might lose some viewers.

However, if you’re more than just a casual gamer, and you’re a professional gamer or streamer, you should seriously consider acoustic treatment in your game room along with soundproofing materials. In order to improve the sound quality in your gaming room so that your viewers can hear you and not any unwanted echo, consider installing acoustic wall panels in your gaming room.

Soundproofing All Gaming Room Walls

The last and most extreme step to gaming room soundproofing is going to be soundproofing all of the walls in the room. Wall Blokker Pro is ideal if you want to avoid gutting your walls down to the stud. You’ll need two people for installation after cutting sheets of the material to fit to your wall. You can use a nail gun to fasten the material to the wall while your helper holds the sheet flush against the wall. Continue this way until the walls are covered and then use seam tape to seal the sheets together where they touch. Drywall can now be installed as usual and you can expect and very soundproof gaming room.

Again, adding a soundproofing membrane to the walls in a gaming room is really only necessary if you’re receiving some sound complaints that could lead to a fine or litigation, or if you like to stream your gaming sessions.

Gaming Room Soundproofing Benefits

If none of this works then I don’t know what to tell you! At that point you just need to turn down the speakers because that game is just way too loud. If you do succeed in soundproofing the gaming room, everyone in your house owes you a thank you, so good luck!

For any other sound issues you might be having, whether it’s traffic noise keeping you up at night or trying to keep your nursery quiet, shoot us an email or give us a call! We’re always here to help.