Best Ways to Soundproof Your Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Door

Many people in several different styles of homes have sliding glass doors. Sliding glass doors are loved for the openness they create in a room and the great view they give to the outdoors. However, sliding glass doors have their downfalls. Below are a few of the problems of having sliding glass doors and what you can do to make them work for you!

Block Unwanted Noise Coming in through Sliding Glass Door

Increased Sound Coming Into Your Home

Glass is a thin barrier between your peaceful room and the noisy outdoors. This is why we suggest a sound blocking curtain to reduce the amount of noise allowed into your house. The AcoustiDoorTM can block up to 90% of noise coming in and going out of your house. This is especially beneficial if you live in the country with noisy crickets and frogs in your backyard, or in a busy city with planes, trains, and airplanes constantly going by at all times of day.

Also note that large sliding glass doors may be better off with our track-guided soundproofing curtain, the AcoustiTrac.

Sliding Doors Can Become Hard to Open

Sometimes sliding glass stores become sticky and hard to open. This is because the rollers get dirty from food, mud and dirt getting stuck in the track. Take a look at this article by This Old House to find out how to tune-up your sliding glass door so that you can open it with ease.

Decreased Safety

One of the risks of sliding glass doors is the visibility possible robbers have into your home. Unlike a normal door that would have a small window or no window at all, anyone has a clear view of your belongings from outside of the house. This is why it is important to have some type of curtain over your sliding glass door to block the view at night and when you are not at home to reduce the risk of theft. Our AcoustiDoorTM soundproofing door cover is perfect because it comes in a variety of different sizes and can be easily rolled up when you want to enjoy the view.

Increased Electricity Bills

The unfortunate thing about sliding glass doors if you are watching your electricity bill is that they are not very good at keeping the air you want to stay in your house, in your house. In the winter much of your heat, and in the summer much of your cool air, escapes through these doors. The third amazing thing about the AcoustiDoorTM is that it is thermal which will keep the air you want in inside and the air you don’t want outside.