How to Stay Asleep: A Guide for Light Sleepers

Sleeping with Mask

For some people, falling asleep can be a difficult task and staying asleep can be even harder. If you categorize yourself as a light sleeper then you know how frustrating this can be. This is why we have created a guide on how to fall asleep and stay asleep!

Drink Hot Water or Tea

Drinking hot drinks such as tea or water not only have amazing health benefits, but they have a wonderful calming effect. You can find a great list of teas and their benefits created by the the Dr. Oz Show here. However, stay away from caffeinated teas because they will keep you up at night.

Stay away from heavy meals and alcohol. Being too full can make it harder to fall asleep. It is not a good idea to eat heavy meals before bed because your body does not get the chance to burn off the fat, causing the food to become stored fat. Alcohol may make it easier to initially fall asleep, but can often lead to interrupted sleep. Many people who drink heavily before bed find themselves waking up just a few hours later.

Reduce Light from Your Windows

Many people do not realize that the smallest amount of light can wake you up during the night by tricking your brain into thinking it is morning. This is why it is essential to not sleep with the TV on. Make sure all lights are off or dimmed so the room is as dark as possible. If there are lights that cannot be turned off, wear a sleeping mask so that the lights do not bother you. If the sun wakes you up in the morning, you can purchase a light blocking curtain such as the AcousticCurtainTM which blocks more than 99% of light from coming through your window.

Reduce Outside Noise Coming from Windows and Doors

If outside noises keep you up at night, try to find ways to reduce those sounds. Many people use ear plugs which are great at reducing sound from getting in your ear but can harbor bacteria. Another option is hanging soundproofing curtains such as the AcousticCurtainTM over your window to reduce up to 90% of sound from coming through your window.

Take a Relaxing Bath & Read a Book

For those on their feet all day or working long days at a desk, a warm bath before bed is the perfect way to wind down. Fill the water up with bubbles and light a few lavender scented candles to create a relaxing environment.

Reading a book before bed is a great way to transfer your mind from work to relaxation. Choose a book you enjoy and will spark your imagination. Below is a list of some of the top selling fiction books right now according to the NY Times.

INVISIBLE, by James Patterson and David Ellis

THE CITY, by Dean Koontz

THE GOLDFINCH, by Donna Tartt


ALL FALL DOWN, by Jennifer Weiner

Do Calming Yoga

Some people like to do a calming yoga routine to settle down before bed. If you are looking for the right yoga poses to do, click here to go to the Huffington Post’s 10 best yoga poses for sleep.

Adjust Temperature of Room to Be Comfortable

One of the best ways to make sure you stay asleep throughout the night is to create a comfortable sleep environment. Start off by setting the temperature to where it is not too hot or too cold. A nice, cool temperature is what tends to work best for most people.

Listen to Soothing Music

Though this does not work for all people, some people enjoy listening to music as they sleep. This can block out outside noises by creating a white noise so that you are less likely to be awoken. I recommend playing the Relaxation station on at a low level, or something you enjoy that will not keep you awake.

We hope these tips are useful in not only helping you fall asleep, but helping you stay asleep throughout the night!

How to Stay Asleep: A Guide for Light Sleepers
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How to Stay Asleep: A Guide for Light Sleepers
Get to sleep and stay asleep by practicing good sleep hygiene and limiting annoying and disruptive sounds in your bedroom.
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