The World’s Quietest Room

World's Quietest Room

Image: Eckel Industries

Have you ever wished you could have some peace and quiet to relax? Well according to, too much silence can drive a person mad. Scientists at Orfield Labs in Minneapolis created a chamber that absorbs all sounds making it the world’s quietest room. The average sound level of a “quiet” room is 30 decibels whereas the sound level in the chamber is -9.

The scientists built the room by installing 3.3-foot thick fiberglass acoustic panels to the walls to absorb the echoes. Behind the panels is a wall made of steel and a foot of concrete.  To enter, you must walk through two vaults. The anechoic chamber is 99.99% sound absorbent and holds the current Guiness World Record for being the quietest place on Earth.

The room is so quiet that you begin to hear your own internal organs at work including your stomach, heartbeat, and even your own ears. After 30 minutes inside the room you begin to hallucinate. The longest anyone has lasted inside is 45 minutes!

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