Top 5 Unique Features of The AcousticCurtain™


Ideal for hanging in urban apartments or small spaces, The AcousticCurtain™ is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to soundproof your home. As our featured product, this quality, dependable sound-absorbing drapery can be custom-designed to the specific height and width of your window frame and installed in less than 5 minutes! But what else does this state-of-the-art curtain have to offer?

Unique Features of our Soundproof Curtain, the AcousticCurtain

It’s custom-designed to your window frame.

Select your height and width parameters and we’ll do the rest! To provide the best soundproofing solution possible, we’ll ensure a tight fit to your frame or window jamb so sound won’t seep through edges and into your space.

It’s supported by grommets at the top.

Featuring grommets to make hanging easier, we carry specially-designed hooks that will minimize the impact to your wall; these are custom-made to work with our unique design and come included in your order. Simply nail the AcousticCurtain™ in place, hang and you’re ready for blissful solitude in just minutes!

It can be retracted with sewn-in straps.

With the AcousticCurtain™, letting in light, sound and fresh air is easy! Simply roll up the curtain and fasten the straps—it takes less than a minute to go from enjoying peace and quiet to getting your daily fix of the great outdoors.

It comes in 5 fabric colors.

From red and green to yellow, black and blue, we have a wide selection of colors to choose from. Simply pick the fabric color that best complements your personal style and we’ll do the rest to custom-design the perfect AcousticCurtain™ for your home.

It blocks most outside noise.

This ground-breaking curtain will finally allow you to tune out background noise and zone in on the things you love to do—a simple way to solve your noise problems quickly, affordably and without disrupting the comforts of your own home!

At Residential Acoustics, we pride ourselves on helping you reduce the sound in your bedroom, living room and office.

To ensure you get the absolute best results, call TODAY for a FREE over-the-phone consultation! One of our soundproofing experts will assist you in diagnosing your acoustic issues and offer a solution—the best approach to fix them.

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