Top 4 Products to Soundproof Your Home for Less Than $100


Surprisingly enough, creating a quiet home for you and your family doesn’t have to be to be complicated, daunting task. In fact, there are several quick and simple ways to reduce the amount of noise creeping into your bedroom, living room or office—without breaking the bank! Read below to find out how to soundproof your home cheap!


The AcousticCurtain

Ideal for hanging in urban apartments or small spaces, The AcousticCurtain™ is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to soundproof your home. This sound absorbing drapery can be custom-designed to the specific height and width of your window or door frame and installed in less than 5 minutes!

A snug fit means sound won’t seep through edges and into your space. Simply nail the AcousticCurtain™ in place or take advantage of specially-designed hooks (this will minimize the impact to your wall) and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Not to mention, these convenient curtains can be retracted with sewn-in straps when you want to let in light, sound and even fresh air.


Moving Blankets

Sure, moving blankets come in handy when you need to transport furniture or fragile items, but you can also get another use out of these very same blankets—absorption! Often used as a cheap alternative to improve the acoustics of a room, moving blankets can be used in place of expensive acoustic foam or sound absorption panels.

But choose wisely! Light weight, economy blankets—even if advertised as sturdy moving blankets—won’t necessarily get the job done. Keep an eye out for blankets made from heavy duty fabric. When hung throughout the room, these sheets can absorb echoes, reverberation and noise reflection.


Green Glue

If you’re looking for an easy and economical way to soundproof—Green Glue may be the answer. Made from a viscoelastic compound that acts as a damping material to dissipate vibrations caused by sound waves, this commonly-used noise-proofing product reduces sound transfer from one room to the next by up to 90 percent.

Conveniently enough, Green Glue can be applied directly to drywall (or any other rigid construction material) for a quick, cost-effective soundproofing solution in just minutes. Starting at less than $0.50 per square foot, Green Glue is a completely non-hazardous, environmentally-responsible and odorless product that will leave you reaping the benefits of silence in no time!



Did you know: even the best soundproofing strategy will fail if there are cracks or holes in a wall, floor or ceiling? If left uncovered, all of your hard work and money paid out could potentially go to waste!

Caulk can be applied liberally to gaps, small cracks or in the joint between two soundproof materials as the ultimate soundproofing solution. Be sure to invest in some durable, high-quality caulk that will resist drying out or cracking with age.

Want to learn more about soundproofing? Check back weekly for tips and tricks! And don’t forget to visit our products page. The AcousticCurtain™ starts at just $99!