Soundproofing Curtains for Hotels

  Hotel Soundproofing Acoustic Efforts to Meet Guest Expectations The Problem Emily Valentine had a problem at her hotel chain in Cal ifornia. Her overnight guests were tired, and angry. Located too close to the nearby roadways and train tracks, she struggled to find the right price point to make ends meet, but also keep […]


Massage Studio Soundproofing

Recently, a massage studio in Los Angeles reached out to us about a problem they were having. Too many clients could hear their nearby neighbors during their relaxing spa sessions. That’s when we got involved. While consulting with the client, we took measurements and analyzed the location’s acoustics inside. We addressed any noise problems and […]


Guide to Urban Living: What Amenities Are Critical for Choosing an Apartment?

What makes people choose where to live? What are the factors influencing the decision-making process most? What do today’s homeowners or renters need in order to live comfortably or renew their lease? We will provide some insights on these questions below. Digital Presence Technology trends and online convenience are leading this category. During the search […]