Soundproofing media room

Soundproofing your Media Room

A media room is meant for activities such as entertaining, hanging out, watching TV, or listening to music without disrupting the rest of the home. However, this isn’t always the case when the sound of sirens from that racing video game or screams over this week’s big football matchup find their way around the house. […]


How to Soundproof Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your own personal sanctuary where you can escape the world and get some rest. Unfortunately, for many people, intrusive noise makes this notion nothing but a pipe dream. If loud neighbors, airplanes, or street noise keeps you up at night, it’s time to learn about soundproofing. Soundproofing can change your life […]

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What does it mean to Soundproof Something?

In the simplest of terms, when you hear the term “soundproof” you automatically assume that it is in coalition with the words “noise cancellation”. However, the meaning of truly soundproofing something and how that is accomplished have more depth than you would think. In order to understand the way that soundproofing works, you first need to […]