The 21st Century Home: Live Easier & Make Your Home Smart

Soundproof My Apartment

Modern Homes Are Becoming Smart and Energy Efficient

Overall, smart home systems can make your life easier and your home more enjoyable. From letting you turn on the lights, turn up the heat or open the door for the plumber with the touch of a button—and from literally any location—smart homes take advantage of automation technology and modern building techniques to give homeowners a new level of control. Added convenience, security, accessibility and efficiency are just some of the benefits. Not to mention, when it comes time to sell, you’ll have an abundance of effective selling points. Today’s smart homes typically include:

  • A central system that allows you to press a single button and get lights in multiple rooms to dim, brighten or turn on or off. Some systems even let you program in your home’s longitude and latitude so the system knows exactly when sunrise and sunset occur throughout the year, which will then turn lights on or off accordingly.
  • Computerized thermostats that let you turn on the heat and air conditioning when you’re heading home. These systems can also shut off the heat or air if someone accidentally leaves a door open or if you forget to turn up the thermostat before leaving the house.
  • Security monitoring systems that allow you to check in on your home via your smartphone while you’re away. This feature also includes an alarm that will call your smartphone if there’s an intruder and let you lock or unlock doors in your home as needed.

How Soundproof Curtains Are Being Used For an Energy Efficient Home

The modern homeowner in any city or near a main road often finds the need for some rest and relaxation, take advantage of a little peace and quiet with one of the newest smart home features: sound blocking curtains and doors! Ideal for hanging in urban apartments or small spaces, This  soundproof curtain and  Soundproof Door Covering are some of of the easiest and most affordable ways to soundproof your home. Want to learn more about turning your home into a smart home? You’re in luck! At Residential Acoustics, we pride ourselves on helping you reduce the sound in your bedroom, living room and office. To ensure you get the absolute best results, call TODAY for a FREE over-the-phone consultation! One of our soundproofing experts will assist you in diagnosing your acoustic issues and offer a solution—the best approach to fix them.