USF Welcomes Residential Acoustics to Incubation Program


Tampa-based company offering new, innovative way to block loud noises in your apartment

Tampa, FL: Feb 18, 2014Residential Acoustics, founded in 2013, has joined the USF Incubation Center to continue their rapid growth this year. They are a newly-USFincorporated company that has offered a

Headquartered here in Tampa, Residential Acoustics designs and manufactures soundproof curtains to reduce noise in homes in loud environments. They received a provisional patent for their first product, the AcoustiCurtainTM technology, last year, and now manufacture it in production volume in northern Hillsborough County. The product is unique in its ability to reflect sound back toward its source. Unlike the myriad of products that claim to “reduce noise”, these do not simply absorb ambient sound, but prevent it from entering the home in the first place.n innovative product for city-dwelling residents. Through the agreement, they have established a team of mentors that are providing assistance in marketing, legal protection, and innovative product development.

The initial idea for the product arrived due to noise off of Selmon Expressway in South Tampa late at night, and the soundproof curtains are now used to reduce noise generated by everything from construction to airports to noisy neighbors.

The company was founded by 3 young entrepreneurs, all recent graduates from UF and USF, who are looking to expand production in the Tampa area within the next few months.

The company also sells other acoustical related products for home use, such as premium ear plugs and smart art that absorbs echoes. However, the AcousticCurtain soundproof curtain and AcoustiDoor soundproofing door panel products are the flagship product lines. Check out their website for free soundproofing tips, updated weekly, and further information on how their technology works.