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Noise Cancelling Curtains

We live in a noisy world. Sounds surround us on a constant basis, and oftentimes loud environments are impossible to avoid. However, they can influence how we live in both positive and negative ways. Soundproofing comes to help when you want to improve quality of life and you want to make your living healthier and happier. Yet, not many of us know where to gather information on soundproofing. So, what noise cancelling resources and products can help to find out more about this topic? Consider some online publications, which we’ll discuss below, along with new and innovative products such as noise cancelling curtains.

Soundproofing Resources & Noise Cancelling Curtains

The soundproofing industry didn’t really start booming until a few years ago, and because of this, there are now more soundproofing resources and products than ever before. However, with all this new information our there, it’s hard to know which companies you should trust when it comes to the facts about noise cancellation.

Noise Cancelling Curtains

Noise cancelling curtains and other soundproofing curtains are typically made using mass loaded vinyl. MLV is a solid but flexible material that can bend in the same way regular drapes and curtains can bend.

There are a couple things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to trust the soundproofing resources you come across on Google. First – they should know the difference between sound absorbing products and sound blocking products. For example – if a company is recommending placing acoustic panels on a wall to help block sound transmission through the wall, they probably aren’t too familiar with the difference. Also, a reputable company will be familiar with Sound Transmission Classification (STC) and Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC).

Noise Cancelling Curtains and Where to Buy

Noise cancelling and other soundproofing curtains are the ideal product to use for soundproofing your home. If you deal with noisy neighbors, traffic noise or even barking dogs, noise cancelling curtains can reduce the amount of noise coming in through your window by up to 80%. This is because noise cancelling curtains are made using a mass loaded vinyl core. MLV is a material often used in commercial wall soundproofing, and the type used in soundproofing curtains typically has an STC rating of 21.

Noise cancelling curtains can be purchased online from Residential Acoustics, since we have the patent on our soundproofing curtains with mass loaded vinyl at the core. Some other online retailers advertise their “soundproofing curtains” as being able to block noise, but these often don’t work as advertised since they’re not STC rated. Many of these other companies sell heavy, velvet curtains, which can help to lightly muffle noise, but they’re not able to block it. Any curtain made from heavy cloth won’t prevent sound from traveling between spaces because cloth is porous and can’t block sound. However, heavy, velvet curtains can dampen, or absorb, sound waves to reduce echo and noise within a space.

Soundproofing Resources for Noise Cancellation

  1. Online Resources for Soundproofing

Noise Cancelling Curtains

Be careful when looking for online soundproofing resources. Don’t trust a website that can’t tell you the difference between an STC rating and an NRC rating. Also, be weary of companies advertising their sound absorbing curtains as noise cancelling curtains.

Living in the technological era brings some benefits to the table. Google is always helpful in answering questions, but what to type in a search box or how to find trustworthy websites? Here are a couple of useful resources:

a) NoiseHelp

These guys specialize on various noise issues. They talk about noise in general, noise protection solutions, noise stats, and even some miscellaneous items about noise for you to get inspired or have fun.

b) Sleep Foundation

Because silence (absence of noise) and sleep are interrelated, and most of the times we want to reduce noise to improve sleep, we believe that this website might be useful for some ideas regarding noise reduction.

c) Residential Acoustics Social Media

Check regularly our social platforms such as our Soundproofing Blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube with our updates on the industry news, useful soundproofing information, tips and tricks. We look forward to seeing you in the vast expanses of the World Wide Web.

  1. Acoustical Consultants

When you need more advanced solutions for your soundproofing problems, you can get help from professionals in the acoustic industry. There are called acoustical consultants. Acoustic consultants can usually recommend the right products to use. They may recommend using mass loaded vinyl in the walls for soundproofing between rooms, or using noise cancelling curtains for window soundproofing.

Usually these people have expertise in different areas of acoustics and can give advice to both residential and commercial clients. On the National Council of Acoustical Consultants website you can find the list of registered consultants in your state or country.

  1. Acoustic Specialized Companies

The market tries to respond to customers’ demands in a timely manner, and currently, there are a lot of companies providing solutions for particular problems. There are options for sound blocking, absorption, insulation, blackout, etc. Here at Residential Acoustics, we are striving to solve the problem of outside noises coming from the windows and doors with our noise cancelling curtains. Check out our unique offerings, maybe they can make a change that you needed!

Noise Cancelling Curtains & Noise Cancellation – Soundproofing Resources

Keep in mind a few things when considering different soundproofing resources and products:

  • Noise cancelling curtains should be made using an STC rated material such as mass loaded vinyl, if the material isn’t STC rated it likely won’t block much sound
  • Make sure the resources you use for soundproofing information are reputable, don’t trust a website telling you to use acoustic wall panels to block sound
  • If you have echo in a space, heavy, velvet curtains will be an effective option to help reduce the echo and noise within a space

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