Terms of Use

By purchasing this product, you agree to read the installation manual and properly install and use the product to minimize the likelihood of damage or injury.

Except as represented in Residential Acoustics’ Return and Warranty Policy, all products by Residential Acoustics are provided ​“AS IS”. Other than as provided in the Return and Warranty Policy, Residential Acoustics makes no other warranties, express or implied, and hereby disclaims all implied warranties, including any warranty of merchant ability and warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

Windows, doors, and other home interiors will vary in material and geometry, and no one-size fits all method will ensure that the curtain will be 100% effective. Use best practices to hang the curtains,

NEVER hang the curtain over sleeping infants. Each anchor is rated for at least 50 pounds, so the curtain is easily supported with a factor of safety of at least 2.

If your curtain geometry is very tall and slender, ensure that extra precautions are taken while hanging. The drywall or anchoring material may be weaker than the supporting brackets or hooks – ensure that the wall or anchoring material is sufficiently strong to support the weight of the curtain.

Do not allow fire or open flame near the curtain.

Do not put over your head – may cause suffocation.

Ensure the curtain is snug and secure prior to retracting.

Monitor for the first 24 hours to ensure there are no issues.

Do not use in a manner that is inconsistent with the product description.

Do not hang over door that requires egress. Do not violate building codes that require egress in case of emergency. If you are unsure about egress requirements in your building, contact your building superintendent or engineer.