Measure Your Curtain

Since each curtain is custom-made for your home or office, the size of the curtain is critical. Follow these basic guidelines to ensure you have the right size for you.

1. Allow enough room around the edges of your window for a proper seal; we suggest adding an additional 3″ on each side.

2. Determine where the curtain will seal – against the wall, window jamb or frame, or an adjacent surface. The curtain can be hung from either the window frame or the wall, so you may need to adjust the height to accommodate the option you prefer.



3. If you have a window ledge or sill, you can either rest the curtain at a 90 degree angle directly on top of the sill, or you can add length so that the curtain goes around the sill entirely and attaches to the wall beneath it.



4. Your curtain will arrive to you with the exact dimensions you need. If you want to expedite your curtain, consider purchasing one of our pre-sized AcousticCurtains that we keep in stock and ship within 1-2 days.

5. Enjoy the Rest & Relaxation!