Easy Ways to Soundproof Your Home

Soundproof Your Home

If you’re facing noise issues at home, but don’t have the time for a big project, don’t fret! We’ve compiled a list of quick and easy ways to soundproof your home, making it possible to achieve peaceful sleep and a healthy family home environment.

4 Easy Ways to Soundproof Your Home

1. The Easiest Quick Fix For Soundproofing –  A Sound Masking System

Think about your specific sound issue. Are noise distractions preventing you from having a good study session? Are abrupt sounds waking you up from sleep? If noise distraction is the issue, your solution may be as simple as using a white noise machine in your bedroom. Here’s how it works:

easy ways to sound proof your home

Adding sound to a space can actually make the space seem quieter. This is because the added sound reduces the intelligibility of existing noises that are abrupt or distracting. When a particular sound is very different from the existing ambient noise level in a space, our brain consciously registers that something has changed. Sound masking makes a space seem quieter by raising the ambient noise level and making outside noise less intelligible and therefore less distracting.

A good sound masking machine will sound similar to airflow, rather than the staticky disconnected television sound you may be familiar with. Sound masking does not cancel or block any sound. But it can definitely be an easy way to get acoustic peace in your home.

Not all white noise machines are made equal. Our favorite White Noise Machine from SoundproofDirect.com is volume adjustable and can be tuned for seamless and calming ambient sound.

2.Get to the Main Source – Soundproofing Curtains

Retractable Sliding Single Panel Soundproof Curtain Shown in Bedroom on Window - AcoustiTrac

Outside sound entering your home through the window can be a huge disturbance, whether it be from noisy neighbors, construction noise, or street traffic. Luckily, there is an effective solution that doesn’t involve the construction mess or hefty price tag of installing new windows.

Most exterior wall partitions in residential homes are built with a certain amount of sound insulation. If you have unwanted outside noise coming into your home, chances are that the noise is coming in through your windows. Applying sound blocking drapes to your window is by far the most effective single thing that you can do to soundproof. The AcoustiTrac from Residential Acoustics can be customized by size and fabric color to fit perfectly in any room. It deflects sound waves away from the space, while also blocking 99% of outside light and insulating the room. The best part? They can be quickly and easily hung by any DIY’er on-the-go!

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3. Soundproof the Inside of Your Home – Soundproofing Doors

As we’ve mentioned, most homes have walls with a decent amount of sound insulation. Similarly to exterior noise problems, if unwanted sound is transferring between rooms in your home, soundproofing the door is a simple and effective solution.

Easy Ways to Soundproof Your Home

We suggest using a soundproofing blanket, which will provide STC rated sound blocking over the doorway as well as preventing sound leaks through small cracks and spaces around the door panel.

These can be a great decorative addition adding value to your home and reducing the stress of hearing EVERYTHING going on in the house. This acoustic door covering is a retractable sound-blocking panel that hangs over the door and can be quickly rolled up when not in use. It is held snugly against the walls with hook and loop fastener to prevent sound from seeping around the edges into your living space. Taking less than 5 minutes to hang up, it is the perfect easy way to change the atmosphere of your room.

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4. Another Easy Home Soundproofing Trick – Soundproofing Sealants

Acoustic Caulk is an Easy Way to Soundproof Your Home

While it seems minor, even the tiniest crack or gap in a partition can allow sound to enter your space. One of the quickest and easiest fixes to sound problems in the home is sealing up all of these small cracks. An acoustic caulk or sealant with noise blocking properties takes just minutes to apply and adds an extra layer of protection against sound leaks. You’ll be amazed at the difference this fast and cheap solution has on the amount of noise in your home!

Pay special attention to outlets and wall penetrations, such as HVAC or plumbing. Check the gaskets and weather strips on all exterior doors, and the caulking don on exterior windows. There are often sound leaks around these locations.

Easy Ways to Soundproof Your Home – In Conclusion

While not always obvious, there are cost-effective ways soundproof your home easily and efficiently. If you enjoyed these soundproofing tips, please check out some of my other soundproofing articles and blogs.

The Quickest Ways to Soundproof Your Home
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The Quickest Ways to Soundproof Your Home
You may not need heavy construction to fix your noise issue. See our quick soundproofing options to reduce noise in your home.
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