The Importance of Soundproofing Hotels

It’s obvious that when you want to stay in a hotel, you want your money’s worth and that includes peace and quiet. However, that can be hard to get if the hotel you’re staying at didn’t take into account sound and acoustics within the rooms.

Why is Hotel Soundproofing Such a Big Industry?

Disruptive noise is the top complaint among hotel guests, according to J.D. Power and Associate. Next to bad internet connection, noise was the top reason why guests were not only dissatisfied with their stay but would write bad reviews about their stay.

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You would be surprised to know that many hotels don’t even fix their noise problems. And why?

Most noise complaints go unreported. Instead, the majority of dissatisfied customers will just write a negative review and leave it at that.

Noise complaints don’t have to be a big problem either. They can be fixed in a variety of ways, during and after the construction phase, to meet the needs of their hotel guests, most importantly sleep.

Hotels have to be very aware of how well their guests can sleep at night. According to Consumer Reports, a good night’s sleep is one of the top things guests expect when staying at a hotel.

When it comes to noise problems in hotels, prevention is always better than constantly having to fix the problem. If hotel guests can hear their neighbors at night, chances are that they will just tough it out, go back to sleep, and not report it the next morning. When it comes time for them to write a review, you can be sure that noise will be one of the main things they remember.

Consider addressing any noise issues by hiring an Acoustic Consultant, or utilizing soundproof curtains to minimize complaints in hotel rooms.