Soundproof Existing Windows
Soundproofing Tips

How to Soundproof Existing Windows

Soundproof and hurricane windows can be an excellent upgrade If you have the luxury of building your home from scratch, they provide a reasonable amount of peace and quiet from outside street noise, loud neighbors, barking dogs and the like. But what about those of us who are renting, or have purchased an older existing […]

soundproof windows
Soundproofing Tips

Soundproof Windows – How Effective Are They?

How Well Do Soundproof Windows Work? Soundproof windows are an expensive and sought after upgrade to any home. They provide several benefits: Low maintenance:  Letting in less dust, dirt and bugs than standard, more “old-school” windows. You won’t find yourself cleaning spiderwebs out of the windowsill every week. Energy efficient: Since they reduce the amount […]