A women with headphones peaking in to a microphone to record a podcast
Soundproofing Tips

How to Create Your Own Soundproofed Podcast Studio

In today’s growing digital world, more and more people are dabbling in content creation, influencing, podcasting and blogging. As podcasting increases in popularity, soundproofing your space is essential to creating content with quality sound. Soundproofing is the process of using materials to keep sound from entering or leaving a particular space. When done correctly, soundproofing […]

Soundproofing Tips

Sound Absorbing Panels For Your Office – How do they work?

Offices tend to be built with tile floors, plaster walls and plaster ceilings. These hard surfaces allow for sound from things like fax machines and printers to bounce around and echo which creates bothersome noise and distracts employees. By installing sound-absorbing wall panels, suspended sound-absorbing ceiling panels and static dissipative carpeting, noise is greatly reduced […]

Acoustitrac Soundproofing and Noise Blocking Curtains on Track
Soundproofing Tips

Soundproofing Open Home Floor Plans

Open home floor plans create a natural flow throughout the home that makes each room feel versatile, open, and more spacious than it actually is. This type of floor plan is great for people that entertain often, want a lot of natural light in the home, or for families with children that need supervision. While […]

recording studio acoustics
Soundproofing Tips

Achieving Proper Recording Studio Acoustics

There are a lot of misconceptions about sound treatments for proper recording studio acoustics. While many people think sound absorption and blocking are the same, they are actually very different. Different products should be used depending on if you’re looking to absorb or block sound. Read on to learn what each term really means, and […]