Appliance Decibel Ratings Infographic

Appliances are often the loudest noise source in a home. Of these, there are several that are particularly bad offenders, such as blenders, dryers, and refrigerator pumps. Ever wonder how they compare to one another? Check out our infographic on Loudest Appliances and Electronics in your home. Compare against other common noise levels  


Expert Tips for Noise Reduction on a Plane

Flying is just like going to the dentist – very few look forward to it but everybody does it. Planes may be the fastest way to get to where you need to go but when you’re trapped on a 10-hour flight between a screaming toddler and an overly-friendly seat-mate, you start debating if you really […]

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Best Sound Barriers to Block Street Noise

There’s nothing worse than finally falling asleep only to be startled awake by rushing traffic or screaming police sirens. From bustling cities to quaint suburbs – street noise is unavoidable. Whether its highway noise, construction, or even just kids playing in the street, noise manages to find its way into your home wherever you live. […]


Can’t Sleep on Vacation? Soundproof While you Travel!

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination after a long day’s travel only to be greeted by loud traffic and noisy neighbors. Hotels, Airbnb‘s or Couchsurfing – no matter where you choose to stay, you’re likely to encounter one irritating noise or another. Be prepared with these on-the-go soundproofing tips and enjoy the sweet […]


What’s Causing Noise Pollution

When you think about pollution, what comes to mind? Likely, images of smoggy cities, plastic-covered beaches and overflowing trash cans. As physical pollution becomes increasingly prominent, we tend to forget about its invisible cousin – noise pollution. Noise Pollution: Causes and Solutions Since we can’t see it, it’s hard to believe noise is one of […]