Soundproofing Your Home For The Holidays

Soundproofing Home

The holidays are a busy time of year where guests are often coming in and out of your home. Between holiday parties, visiting relatives, and family gatherings, your home can be especially noisy this time of year. Keep reading for our easy ways to soundproof your home for the holidays.

Soundproofing Curtains

The AcousticCurtain™

Our AcousticCurtain™ is a soundproof curtain that is made to deflect sound waves away from your living space. Without the mess and expense of installing new windows, these curtains are an effective way to transform the atmosphere of your room. By blocking street noise from outside, you will be able to get a peaceful night’s rest and enjoy the comfort of your home.

The AcoustiTrac™

Our AcoustiTrac™ is a soundproof curtain similar to the one previously mentioned, but instead is able to be retracted quickly along a track. If you open and close your windows often, this is a great option for you. It is made of a dense, noise-blocking fabric that turns your room into a quiet and relaxing space.

Soundproofing Doors

When guests or family are staying in your home, there can be a lot of noise coming from a lot of different areas around the house. To prevent noise from transferring between rooms, our AcoustiDoor™ can be hung over the door frame. It is sound-blocking panel that can be easily retracted when not in use. The product works to deflect 87% of sound, keeping sound contained where you want it.

Home Decor

The placement and materials of your home decor can actually be used as a soundproofing measure. Placing a bookshelf, dresser, or desk against the wall can act as a sound barrier between rooms. Thick rugs or carpeting can also be sound absorbing agents to reduce echo and reverberation in rooms. Adding plush holiday pillows, blankets, or decorations around the home can actually help some of your noise problems.

With these tips, your home can be transformed into a festive yet peaceful environment for the holidays. Did any of these ideas help you soundproof your home? Let us know in the comments below.

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