Soundproofing Curtains for Offices

Stylish Soundproof Curtain Blocks Outside Noises and Sounds

Noisy Office Problem:

When offices are too noisy, it negatively affects the workplace in a variety of ways. It’s harder for employees to complete work on time, focus on the task at hand, and communicate with coworkers. This leads to lower productivity, efficiency, and employee moral. Whether sound is coming from neighboring businesses, nearby residential areas, or street traffic, one thing is for certain: it’s distracting. If you think there’s nothing you can do about this without major construction, a hefty bill, or relocation, think again.

Sound Proof Curtain Solution:

A huge amount of outside noise is able to enter a space through windows, which offices typically have a lot of. Installing new windows can be messy, time-consuming, and expensive. Good thing it isn’t necessary! The AcousticCurtain™ is a soundproof curtain unlike others on the market that simply absorb sound waves. The AcousticCurtain™ is a patented, first-of-it’s-kind curtain that actually deflects sound waves away from the space, due to a dense, flexible, sound-blocking core that averages between 10-15 pounds. Each one is hand-crafted and customizable to the exact dimensions of your windows. They also come in a variety of fabric, strap, and hook color options to seamlessly fit in with your office decor. It can be installed in under 5 minutes and retracted when not in use to let more light, sound, or fresh air into the space. The AcousticCurtain™ also has insulating properties, lowering your office’s heating and cooling costs.

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The Speech Privacy Effects:

With The AcousticCurtain™, your office will be transformed into a peaceful, quiet space where employees are able to focus and communicate effectively. What does this mean for your bottom line? Employees will be able to get higher quality work done faster without being sidetracked by noise disturbances. Having a productive yet calm environment makes everyone in the office less stressed and more efficient. Happy workers lead to happy management, and an overall enjoyable office space for everyone!

Did soundproofing curtains reduce noise disturbances and transform the atmosphere in your office? Tell us about it in the comments below!

If you’re interested in learning more about commercial office sound treatment, read this case study by our sister company, Commercial Acoustics.

Soundproofing Curtains for Offices
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Soundproofing Curtains for Offices
Soundproofing curtains can be an effective option to reduce sound transmission and improve speech privacy in your commercial office space
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