Soundblocking 101: Easy Ways to Deal With Apartment Noises

Soundproofing Child's Bedroom

Most people understand that exposure to very loud noises can hurt your ears and overtime it can negatively impact your hearing ability. But as a recent New York Times article explains, it’s also the chronic exposure to all sounds, not even particularly loud ones, that can wreak havoc on hearing and your mental state.

Noise not only makes hearing, concentrating, and working more difficult, it disturbs sleep which in turn results in stress, fatigue, and changes in body’s chemical balances. Noise pollution also interferes with cognitive functions, including attention, concentration, memory, and reading ability. Since we spend a huge amount of time at home, starting to reduce sound within your living space will help stop noise pollution and the stresses and irritability that comes along with it. While urban noise may seem inevitable and unavoidable, even the most dense and active places can take steps to limit noise.

  1. Creative Approach.

Adding a cork board, or heavy wool yardage on the underside of tables can help counteract bad acoustics. Using fabric on walls and ceilings in creative ways can also absorb and scatter sounds in rooms. Decorate your living space while keeping in mind how sound waves reflect off flat surfaces and perpendicular walls, possibly staggering a bookshelf or adding curves and corners to a room to mitigate internal noise echo.

  1. Implement a “No Shoes” Policy.

Eliminate the clatter of heels and clogs and everyone will thank you. It is not only reducing the noises within a home, but also provides huge health benefits. A study done by microbiologist Charles Gerba, PhD, revealed that the outside of a shoe contains an average of 421,000 units of bacteria, including those responsible for bloodstream infections, pneumonia, and respiratory tract infections.

  1. Surround Yourself With Calming Sounds.

The sounds of nature are ideal. But what should you do if you live in the city, and the only sounds that you hear after opening the window are traffic horns and barking dogs? You can use the progress of technology to change your apartment environment. You can purchase specialized white noise machines to mask the outside sounds, and there are even phone apps which allow you to set the ambience in your home with soothing background noises.

  1. Turn Off The Devices.

Don’t forget to turn off the devices you are not using. Before sitting down to watch a movie, turn off the computer, cable box or gaming console (with their noisy fans) so you can keep the volume down on the cinema sound-bar.

Here, at Residential Acoustics, we aspire to make your living quieter. We hope you are following our tips and can already see changes in the quality of your lives. #SleepWell, friends!

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